A writer who never writes and aspiring author who is struggling to pull her finger out – much like all other sad, brooding individuals who hold an English literature degree.

Here you’ll find my work split into three sections. Or it will be, anyway. Currently under reconstruction.

For the person who needs an escape from reality, head to my short stories and prose section. There you’ll find a few short stories (obv), independent prose and maybe some dabbling in poetry. In other words, this is where I’ll keep all my alternate worlds in which I can live vicariously through characters I once was, wish to be, absolutely never want to be acquainted with, or just felt like exploring the minds of.

Then there’s the blog, which is, at the moment, the most currently up-to-date section. If you’re skiving off work, procrastinating, having a lazy evening, or just want to read something short and sweet, you might want to check that out. Here you’ll find what I do best: ranting. I should’ve probably highlighted that I am perpetually angry at the world, so I lied when I said short and sweet. These rants can range from a short five-minute outburst to a very long soliloquy, and my sweetness, for the well-trained eye, is tinged with bitterness. Like a nice cranberry juice. Proceed with caution.

– k.