An ode to the locals

Flat face, I share this trait
With a face so flat
I like the way you tuck your trousers
Into your socks like that.
Shaking hands, concealing pills
When I see the police
I, too, feel the thrill.
What a herd, what companions
You all look the same
Dogs walking dogs
So cool, much amaze.
So poetic and graceful
Billy Shakez just quivers
In his grave.
Those lines
Ah, makes me swoon,
‘Mash’allah… I like my chicken halal too’.
I know I cross the road
When I see you and your fam
I just feel so intimidated
By these awe-some lads.
I shower more often
And I know how to dress
I don’t look like I just
Rolled out of bed.
This is why I avoid walking your way
Or, you know, just being near you
Because I’ll never be as great
As flat face and crew

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