10 Beauty friends

This post was bound to happen. I have a bunch of things that I love, things that I never go without and things that I despise. These are 10 things that I SWEAR BY. I guess my holy grail products.
Yes it’s unfair since you can’t actually see my face and decide whether you should listen to me or if I’m talking a crock of shit. Guess you’ll just have to trust my word, shut up, let’s go!!
Estee Lauder Double Wear
Let’s make one thing clear: this foundation will cover a crime scene. It is full, full, FULL coverage but not cakey at all [unless you slather it on, obviously]. It can make you look like you woke up with nice skin or it can make you look fully plastic. It is liquid gold (beige). I’m not ready to give it up yet, and I’m pretty sure that when this runs out and I buy a different brand because I get bored easily, I’m still going to buy another bottle. The problem is, this foundation lasts forever. I mean forever. I’ve had it forever and I still have over half a bottle left. WHY WON’T YOU RUN OUT DAMN IT.
Benefit Porefessional  
I don’t even know how. I don’t know what it does, and I don’t care. It LITERALLY blurs your pores. Literally. Pores on your nose? Pores on your cheeks? Pores anywhere else you might get pores? Trypophobia? Big black void where your heart should be? NOT ANYMORE! I know. It’s a miracle product.
They’re Real tinted lash primer
I adore this. I use it on it’s own and it actually lives up to the name ‘they’re real’, unlike the horrific mascara that I will discuss in another post. Used under a mascara I haven’t noticed that much difference to be honest, however used alone it makes you look like you have lash extensions. Or like you were just born with really nice eyelashes. Like a guy.

ABH dip brow pomade (use with this brush).
THIS PRODUCT. First of all, the tiny jar has lasted me over a year and I use it all the time. Secondly, I don’t believe there is a dupe for this. Brow wiz can possibly be duped [I’ve since switched to Brow Archery.]. But this pomade just does not move at all, and it lasts forever both on your brows and in the jar. You can make em look as natural or as bold as you like. If it dries up, revive with a little oil and voila.
Kat Von D lipstick
MY FAVOURITE LIPSTICKS EVER IN THE WORLD. I don’t care about Huda or Kylie or MAC (though I own a ton of mac lipsticks). The everlasting liquid lipsticks are everlasting for a reason. They’re unbelievably pigmented, glide on so nicely, dry to a non-drying matte and last through an apocalypse. The colour range is near perfect and it’s a bonus that Kat has been my spirit animal since I was 13. The studded kiss lipstick I have is in Underage Red.. I’ve been dying to own this colour ever since the controversy surrounding its name and I love it. Pigmented, glides on, good red, doesn’t budge when you eat, and it fades nicely rather than patchily spilling out of your lip line. <3 you Kat.
Morphe 35K
Holy hot damn. So I used to be bitter at the fact that the infamous 35o was always sold out, but I was gifted this palette and WHO EVEN NEEDS A 35O. The 35k mostly warm toned, a mix of matte and shimmer, with a row of cool blue-grey tones, if you dare to venture there. I only recently started to wear non-matte eyeshadow and I love this palette. Everything is so buttery and pigmented and they blend so well and I just want to SWATCH THEM ON MY ARM ALL DAY.
Pixi Glow Tonic
I’m in love with this toner. I used to use either Body Shop seaweed toner or a L’Oreal toner, but one day I decided to just take a leap of faith and see what the hype was all about. It lived up to the hype (for £18, it better have). Oh man. This smells so good, and that’s probably my favourite thing about it. It also makes my skin fantabulous before I put makeup over it. I don’t know if it’s just my eyes, but it gives me a really smooth base and gets rid of any pesky textural issues.
Bobbi Brown gel liner (use with this brush)
Bro. I can’t remember the last time I used another brand of eyeliner. At first, I was a bit apprehensive because £££ BUT THERE’S ALWAYS A REASON. Like many other people, I started off with the Collection liner. That liner was amazing – really black and so easy to use. Except it lasts about 1 hour on your eye, any contact with dampness and you’re instantly a panda, and give it about a week in your makeup bag before it dries up. But this gel liner is one that I’ll never go without. Obviously it takes a little more effort to apply, but this liner is a)very black, b)will stay on your eye even after you’ve been crying in the rain and c) will stay in your makeup bag for 84 years before it runs out.
Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray
I’m currently on my fourth bottle of this. Your makeup will look pretty much exactly the same at 6pm as it did at 6am. Trust me.
Argan oil
Use it for everything. Pour it over your life. Use it to moisturise your entire face, or use it to moisturise under your eyes, use it to revive dried eyeliners or contour palettes, use it on your foundation brush. Use it for your hair. Use it for your cuticles/nails. Use it for everything. I never go without.

6 thoughts on “10 Beauty friends

    1. Kinda hit and miss… Some are streaky, some are pretty good; e.g Abu Dhabi is one that I really didn’t like, but I love Rome. The colour range is good but they do have a slightly weird feeling.
      Overall they’re good for the price, and I’d definitely still buy them. They might be dupes in terms of colour but you can definitely see a difference in higher end brands! (You’d better, considering they’re 3x the price for less product)

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