10 'interesting' facts about myself.

*talks about the narcissism of people who take videos of themselves and upload selfies*
*posts 10 facts about themselves as if anybody cares*
Although, let’s be honest. Even if it’s a stranger or a blog you’ve literally just stumbled across, everybody likes to read random facts about someone. You have the really boring ones, like “my favourite colour is ____” and “my birthday is on ____” and you just think…why? What makes you think anybody is interested in that kind of information? It’s like… you’re giving people information about you without giving them an insight into what kind of person you are. That’s boring. But then you have the people who are like “I killed a man when I was 5” and “I have a recurring dream where I’m killing a man”.
I prefer giving people a little insight whilst also withholding vital information that allows one to think they know me. I’m fun at parties* (*I don’t go to parties).
I also, for some godforsaken reason, blog the post when I have approaching deadlines.

1] I don’t have vertigo, but I fear heights to an extent. When I’m at a height, like a cliff or a bridge, at first I do worry that the wind is going to unexpectedly push me off. Then I get the overwhelming urge to jump off  – but not in a suicidal way. I honestly can’t explain this urge.
2] I can’t watch movies or read books with sex scenes. Not because of prudishness – I mean I also don’t want to watch/read them, but it’s like my mind just says NOPE and I physically can’t do it. I also really hate unnecessary romantic subplots; I despise when good plots are ruined with a completely STUPID romance occurring somewhere. I like war and violence and troubled individuals throughout.
3] I always wear socks to bed and then kick them off about 20 minutes later. Or I just wear one sock to bed.
4] I can fall asleep anywhere, at any time, for however long until someone or something wakes me up. I will still feel tired afterwards.
5] There are few things in the world I despise more than clothes shopping, I hate it and I find it so boring that it makes me nauseous. But grocery shopping and STATIONARY shopping is a whole different story…I could do that all day.
6] Brown eyes are my favourite, the darker the better.
7] I prefer odd numbers. Particularly number 7. I can’t tell you why because I have no idea.
8] I’m extremely sensitive to extreme weather changes, and I HATE FEELING HOT.
9] I can’t stand people who drink alcohol but talk shit about people who smoke weed. They are amongst the worst type of people.
10] When I’m walking and I realise I’m going in the wrong direction, I don’t pretend to check my phone….I literally stop in my tracks and spin around to the right direction…like why do you people try to cover it up….just turn.

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