10 Things every girl needs to remember

That’s a really ugly picture of how amazing the sky looked last night.
Anyway, so I heard my mother say that my brother shouldn’t wash the dishes because “He’s a boy and that’s a girls job” and I LOST IT. She says it quite often and it makes me scream at her; this time it has prompted me to write this. Here are what I think are 10 things every girl should know. And I’m not going to tell you to wash any dishes.

1. You wear make up? Great! You don’t wear makeup? Great! Really, nobody cares either way. Some of us cake it up some days, and go bare the others. I never hear women who wear makeup talk shit about women who don’t wear makeup. I constantly hear women who don’t wear makeup tell people that they don’t wear makeup – usually these are the people who want to hear others say “OMG you’re so naturally pretty, you don’t even need it!”.  It’s like vegans. We don’t care! You’re not better than us.

2. Put everything into perspective. Will this problem you’re going through matter in a months time? If not, let it pass. If yes, get working on it pronto. Don’t tell your problems to everyone; they don’t care, they just want to be assured that at least their life is better than yours. Don’t complain about your partner to your friends, because they’ll just hate them. Confide in those you trust only, and you don’t need to tell your best friends everything. Keep your good deeds private and don’t talk until you actually deliver.

3. If he cheats on you, leave him. If he is in a relationship, stay away from him. If he cheats with you, and you didn’t know, tell his girl and murder him together. If you’re ruining a relationship, jump into a fire. A guy that cheats will cheat again, because he doesn’t respect you –  please understand this. At the end of the day, women are here for women, and if you’re disrupting a relationship, she will come for you. It sounds stupid that she would attack the woman and not her man, but it’s because women expect more of other women than they do of scumbag guys. That and a power dynamic.

4. Don’t let society tell you what to do. Whether you want to work on your ‘beach body’ or you want to eat everything in front of you because it is delicious, do you. Whether you want to stick it to the boys and work hard on your male-dominated career, or you want to stay home and raise your children, it is all your choice.

5. Having said that, don’t let your youth waste away. It’s fine to stay home and do whatever but also go out, explore the world, IT IS YOUR OYSTER. Take a friend, go by yourself, go with a bunch of people, enrich your soul, create memories and have experiences. Just leave your house and live your life, even if it just means going just out of town. You’ll get sick and frustrated if you don’t. Live. Your. Damn. Life.

6. Don’t diet if it makes you miserable. Everything works differently for different people, and we all have different goals. Don’t cut out carbs and fat from your life and DON’T starve yourself. EAT the cake! Have two cheat days in a week! Food is your friend, and it exists to make you happy. And for your survival. Dieting shouldn’t be a punishment – adapt your life slowly in a way that you actually like.

7. Shower. Bathe. Use deodorant. Wear clean clothes. Please. Nobody wants to be around a stinky girl. Nobody wants to be around a stinky anything, but girls, please don’t stink.

8. Your life will be better without social media. I speak from experience, and even after encouraging a friend to partly do this. Cut out the people from your past/old school/work and you’ll be happier. Remove anything that allows you to expose your life or expose yourself to others lives. Maybe you’ll miss out on twitter trends and that funny Facebook video or who’s in a relationship with who, who’s having kids and who just got promoted but…. you have more time to only compare yourself to yourself. And you’ll also find yourself with more time on your hands.

9. It is okay to have a small breakdown. Or even a big one. Being a girl can be stressful at times; we receive pressure from all angles, including those that are social, academic, health and love related. We have it much harder, so those who can’t deal with our crises every once in a while gotta go.

10. CHILL. OUT. Work and school isn’t everything. Take the time to love your life and enjoy the good things around you. Never sacrifice the good things in your life just to work that little bit harder. Work hard, yes, but play harder. Life is about balance, and I’m sure when you’re dying you won’t wish you worked harder – you’ll wish you’d have created and cherished more memorable moments.

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