10 things to make you feel better. Instantly.

Ramadan is almost over, and what are these blues?
Although I’m finally on top of things, academically, I still feel swamped in other things that I have yet to do. Perhaps the feeling of inadequacy and impending doom is embedded within me now?    I’ve been off uni for so long and the only place I’ve been to is a drive thru at 2am. Once. Amazing.
Anyway. The reason I’m not being productive where it matters most is because I literally cannot function properly when my mood is too low. I am like a sim. I cannot work, play or talk when I’m not at an adequate level of happiness. Unfortunately, however, we humans do not have a magic llama and must suffer fairly through this game called life. I have, therefore, compiled a list of things that I feel might help provide temporary relief for that red plumbob hovering over your head. Bear in mind that I am the most miserable person in the world*, so if any of these work for me, they’re bound to work for you.

1. If it’s day: go for a walk, or take the tube somewhere. Go into the city. If it’s night: go for a drive.
Your first mode of escape is literal escape. If it’s bright out, enjoy the fresh polluted air and just go somewhere far from the place you’ve been rotting in all day. At night, take advantage of the quiet roads, lock yourself in your car, put some good music on and go for a drive. Yes, even if it’s just to a drive thru. Bonus points if you get to watch the sun rise.

2. Watch an animated movie…or Parks and Rec.
What could possibly make you feel better than the innocence of a disney or pixar movie? For me, the only thing better than that would be Parks and Rec, although I did watch the Lego Movie which was pretty good..  Cartoons and comedies have helped me escape many a depressing night. Put the work away and try it, you deserve a mental night off. Unless you’re a twat.

3. Pamper yourself during it.
Play with that new eyeshadow palette or contour kit. Pretend you’re doing a youtube makeup tutorial. Put a face mask on and soak your feet. Have a shave just because. Whatever you can do to simultaneously unwind and treat your body and mind, do it. Guys and girls.

4. Listen to Superheroes by the Script
I tried so hard to pick one line from the song, I really did. But I couldn’t. I was once at a point in my life where I believed the entire world was nothing but shit, and this song made me realise that….maybe it’s less shit. I’m not one of those people who say “this song saved my life”, because it didn’t, but I don’t think there’s a single soul that this song wouldn’t uplift. Call me corny but whatever. Just do it, and put it on repeat.

5. Order takeout or experiment in the kitchen
Just Eat. Pizza Hut. Dominos. Even if it’s just appetisers and desserts. Trust me on this, you will feel a million times better. Fear not, however, if you are deep into your overdraft. Ignore the former, as you’ll only feel worse – instead, whip up something magical from what you have sitting in your fridge. Pretend you’re on a cooking show to increase fun by 100%.

6. Tidy up your desk
Or really just any place you spend a lot of your time. Your wardrobe, your car, anything. The thought of tidying up will initially make you groan, but once you start you’ll be on a roll. And the end will be worth it. (I don’t speak from experience because I haven’t moved pass the groaning part, but I’m just guessing.)

7. Write. Draw. Create music.
Seriously.Whatever your creative outlet is, indulge in it for as long as your attention span will let you. This post was written because of the crap mood I’m in, and I don’t know if it’s a distraction or I’m genuinely enjoying this, but it’s working. If you’re one of those brooding poets, write a poem or an emo song, just DO IT.

8. Lay down and relive some of your best memories
Honestly…this is one of my favourite things to do. Not only do I get to experience that same feeling I had again [albeit an unsatisfactory imitation of it that may well leave me feeling worse] it reminds me that things have been and can always be better. I seriously love doing this, and after I finished my last exam, I was so pumped to finally be able to….

9. Have an early night
…have an early night and just lay in bed thinking about good things. Whether you’re tired or not, just go to bed. Don’t take your laptop with you, don’t watch netflix. Just lay there. Enjoy the serenity of just laying there and pretend you have no responsibilities other than to just lay in your bed and wait for sleep to take you. Isn’t that perfect?

10. Hit up someone you love
This one is kinda hard if they’re busy, because if you try to speak to them and they don’t reply properly you’ll just end up feeling worse. But if there’s someone you can speak to, even for a short conversation through text, or even snapchat, then do it. Whether it’s your best friend, a relative or your partner, a little interaction with them will help a little. If this isn’t possible, refer to to any of the above 9 points.

* I’m not really the most miserable person in the world. But when I am miserable, I am deathly. Stay away from me because I’ll bite or destroy you with my nonchalance.

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