25 things every girl honestly wants

I mean, I think it’s 25, I didn’t actually count. I’m supposed to be writing my dissertation but I mean…a girl wants a break from that. Just clearing out my drafts, don’t mind me.
For carbs and fat to skip the waistline and go straight to boobs.
A guy who’s going to shut down any girl that tries to make small talk with him, and makes her feel like shit for attempting it.
The same guy to humiliate a girl who flirts with him, and make her cry for being a hoe.
For foundation to go on smooth and poreless the first time round after waking up with gloriously  baby-like skin. So we can look like real life dolls before leaving the house.
To have skin that doesn’t break out upon contact with £2 lotion so we can have great skin and not break the bank
For all of our favourite TV series’ to NEVER END. Thus eradicating the lack of sense of purpose we feel when they do.
For the USA to just disappear off the face of the earth
For the OC to come back on tv.
Someone, partner or friend, who will defend us to the death and fight for us in whatever way possible, who will eradicate anything that hurts us and destroy anyone that causes us distress. Someone who is ready to ruin lives of people who wronged us 10 years ago.
A guy who is a prick to other girls because he doesn’t need or want them to like him. A real life partner in crime, whose entire life, every aspect is shared with us.
Bras that fit perfectly and don’t cost £500
To be able to wear sweatpants and no makeup in public without being called a slob, and to be able to wear makeup and look good without guys thinking we do it for them
For every single person that isn’t our partner to die so we can have the world to ourselves.
To see everyone we hate suffer and fail all whilst witnessing our happiness (I’m JUST TELLING THE TRUTH)
To go to sleep happy and content and knowing we’ll wake up even better
Free tampons/pads/painkillers. Do something useful with the wage gap.
To be able to have 500 babies without the pain and body changes
Eyebrows that are IDENTICAL. 
To take photos at every single moment ever
To feel like the single most important thing to someone who would risk everything for our happiness 
Painless bikini waxes
To not have to see disgusting men when walking out of the house 
To be shown off in front of hoes that want him and taken to places where he’s known.
3am McDonalds
Fingernails that have the strength and anti-chipping qualities of toenails.

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