Always playing on my mind [10 songs I'm listening to right now]

I have taken a break from watching youtube videos of Scott’s alpha roar on loop. That one scene when he roars at Aidan, anyone????? Amazing.
Anyway, aside from doing that I’m also basically listening to the same songs on repeat whilst writing. Is it a good idea to play these songs on repeat? Probably not. I know I’ll regret it a few months from now when I try to listen to them again. I also have been making the rookie mistake of taking too many benzos before important events – like job interviews. The mistake being that taking them actually has the opposite effect of what I want them to have. Sure, I’m relaxed. But I’m a little too relaxed. Like ‘Haha. Yeah so then I – sorry, wait what was I just saying?’ relaxed.
Anyway, as per usual when I do this type of post, I am sharing a very important part of me and my everyday life; here’s what I’m currently listening to:
Some type of love – Charlie Puth
Apparently I really like Charlie Puth. Who knew? I’ve had this on repeat for god knows how long, I actually forgot other songs existed for a while. First I had Attention on loop. Then I found this. Ma boi Charles spitting straight truth.
Need the sun to break – James Bay
I’d like to thank James Bae for getting me through the shittest times. You da real MVP. Honestly one of the most talented people ever; Chaos and the Calm is quite possibly my favourite album.  What a man. What a VOICE. Amazing. Thank you, and let me love you.
If you ever want to be in love – James Bay
Because unrequited anything is an absolute bitch. This song is super cute and is put together so beautifully, it has my whole heart – hint: listen to the Spotify sessions version because it made me melt.  If you haven’t guessed yet, James Bay has a v special place in my SOUL.
Lucky me – Mallory Knox
Mikey Chapman has one of those voices that always comfort me when I feel like shit. Mallory Knox remind me of better times, of walking outside in the Winter by myself. I remember when they were brand new babies that I found in Kerrang magazine and I love how far they’ve come; their music just keeps getting better. I’m so proud of them. Tears.
Never be alone – Shawn Mendes
Brb, learning how to whistle. Find me a brown Shawn Mendes who is older than me and doesn’t look or sound like Shawn Mendes pls. I make fun of him a lot because he sounds 14, but maybe I’m just bitter. He honestly has some good songs and this one is SO HECKING CUTE I HATE IT SOMEONE SING IT TO ME.
Blasphemy – Bring Me the Horizon
Are you trying to tell me that this is our own Oli Sykes and not Matt Tuck???? Cos I’m seriously hearing Bullet in this song. Back in school I couldn’t really get into BMTH. I really didn’t like Oli Sykes as a person, and I didn’t like their sound either. I know hardcore fans think they sold out a few years ago because this is no Pray for Plagues, but I can defo get behind this.
As you are – the Weeknd
I hate the Weeknd because of who he is as an asshole person. Then I heard this. I still don’t like him. But I do like this song. A lot. I think it might be my new night-drive song (sry Bastille). Pop a valium and enjoy.
Mi Gente – J Balvin
Ughhhhhhhhh I used to have the biggest, maddest crush on J Balvin back in sixth form (read: 100 years ago). Like the BIGGEST crush. What happened to him??????? But anyway. He’s still making bangers, even if they are mainstream with better quality videos. You know when you daydream about dancing in the kitchen or in the car with your bae. This is the song that plays when this daydream occurs for me.
The Man – The Killers
Another feel-good. I GOT [3/4] GAS IN THE TANK, I GOT [SOME] MONEY IN THE BANK. This song makes me feel so manly. I’m not even a man.
Bet on it – Troy
This is a classic. Iconic, amazing, fabulous, fierce. A dramatic masterpiece. And yes, I’m listening to it a lot.


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