(Anti) Feminism, part 2 – The OnlyFans Debacle



Today I want to talk about sex.

Disgusting, no shame, no modesty, horrible, burn me at the stake, send me straight to hell.

No, I want to talk about how sex sells; I want to talk about the objectification of women as perpetuated by… women.

Here we go, a bit of real controversy. Time to talk about 2020 feminism.

I’m gonna come out and say it. 

OnlyFans is prostitution.

Prostitution is the oldest profession for a reason. Women were just wives and childbearers, and had nothing to offer but their bodies. We had no use but being homemakers and serving our husbands. It infuriates me that women in developed countries, where there are so many opportunities, are turning to this. I don’t care about semantics; words aren’t real and they only exist in the context in which they are used. And in this context, in 2020, in the digital world, OnlyFans is very much prostitution. 

Women fought and have been fighting for equality in the workplace, so I don’t feel sorry for you if Bella Thorne rocked up and gentrified your space. I don’t feel sorry for you having OnlyFans as your only source of income – get a job. Because you can; if you can afford a computer and a space with which to take videos of yourself for money, you are in a predicament where you can find a real job. Oh, you can’t anymore because you’ve had your naked body parading online for everyone to see and now nobody wants to hire you? That’s a shame. I’m not really sure what you expected, though.


Enter, the age of ‘sexual liberation’.

I.e becoming liberated in your sexuality and doing whatever the hell you want with your body, as you should.

‘I am sexually liberated because I am choosing to charge you £25 a month to look at my tits whenever you want. I am sexually liberated because I have sex with whoever I want, whenever I want, and I don’t care.’

Yes, by definition, you may be sexually liberated. But beneath that… honey. Sexual interaction for your own enjoyment is very different to sexual interaction for money. And my beef is with the latter.

You are so far entrapped in the patriarchy that your ‘sexual liberation’ is just one massive, farcical, ironic joke. You have genuinely been brainwashed into thinking you are ‘exploiting the market’, that you’re choosing to do what you want with your body. But here you are, handing yourself over on a plate and begging people to just consume you until they’re satisfied. Not even a silver platter; it’s a paper plate from a community barbecue that is going to be thrown away and swapped for a new one in-between servings. I also want to point out that you do not need to be promiscuous in order to be sexually liberated. You can be sexually liberated and have a million partners, one partner, or no partners. Liberation is to do with your own perceptions, your own freedom with your own sexuality.

I’m sure everybody on social media has seen the Malu situation; if you haven’t, an instagram girl (singer, whatever) who has been posting provocative photos of herself online from when she was a child has turned 18 and her first thought was OnlyFans. Now, let’s take a step back and remember she just turned 18… which means all the people wagging their tongues at the prospect of her getting naked have been wanting to see it since she was a child. Very interesting. And by interesting I mean disgusting, throw them all off a cliff. But I can’t say anybody is surprised, because she was giving them what they wanted. Back when she had just scraped teenhood, she was sexualising herself and being sexualised. She was way too young to be posting half naked photos in bikinis sticking her ass out. But women stay falling for this diabolical trap under the guise of ‘taking control of your own body.’

Reclaiming your sexuality is not a real thing – it is something you’ve been conditioned to believe you’re doing. You may think you’re taking control of your body by profiting off the scumbags, but that is just how deep you are lodged into the patriarchy; you have literally been brainwashed into thinking this. You’ve been brainwashed into thinking that putting your naked body on the internet is an act of defiance, a display of liberation. The best way to control people is to make them think they’re doing it out of choice because it takes it out of your hands.

Your misogyny is so deeply internalised that you’ve done a complete 360 without realising; by profiting off your own objectification, you perpetuate the idea that women are commodities. All you’ve done is made it easier for men to think they can buy us – because they clearly can-  in turn undoing all the work of first and second wave feminism and making us regress as a gender. Having an OnlyFans is fine. Thinking OnlyFans is the epitome of sexual liberation is not.


Sex work territory

Now, one argument I’m tired of hearing is that OnlyFans shouldn’t come with consequences. That you should be respected the same way you would if you weren’t shaking your ass on the internet for money. Men are insecure for saying they wouldn’t want a girlfriend on OnlyFans, women are insecure for saying they would never have OnlyFans. OnlyFans girls getting snarky and saying ‘honey, you couldn’t do OnlyFans if you wanted to.’ The truth is, almost any woman can ‘do’ OnlyFans because, let’s be honest… the standards aren’t exactly high. So yes, it is entirely to do with self-respect and morals. 

Personally, I don’t believe any respectable man would want a woman flaunting her naked body for everybody to see and participating in e-prostitution, just like any respectable woman wouldn’t want a man who is ogling random naked women on the internet. It’s not insecurity; these are very normal boundaries and preferences. If you find a happy relationship in which your partner is happy with it, great! But you can’t expect it.

You cannot be spreading your legs in front of a webcam and charging people to watch you whilst thinking everything in your life will stay the same. If you want to have an OnlyFans, that’s great and I wish you success. Have one, enjoy it. And a lot of you do; every other page on Twitter has a link to an Onlyfans with a pinned tweet of amateur ass and tits covered by a humble snapchat emoji. Whatever floats your boat. But you can’t demand to be treated the same way as someone who doesn’t have one. Yes, it will affect your job prospects, your love life, maybe your family life.

It comes with the territory.


Anyway. I’m gonna wrap this one up. 

Ultimately, do whatever you want. But I don’t feel bad for anyone on OnlyFans. You know what you’re doing, and you know the risks. You can get an actual job. You live in a country where opportunities exist; you do not live in the underdeveloped world where a woman may have little choice but to turn to prostitution and it’s insulting. It’s insulting that women would slave away to have the opportunities you do, but here you are choosing to whore yourself out. We’ve moved so far away from the oldest profession and have come full circle. Do you want equality, or do you want to regress and exploit the fact that you’re a woman?

Make up your mind.

2 thoughts on “(Anti) Feminism, part 2 – The OnlyFans Debacle

  1. I liked the Sex work territory chapter, because it’s relevant and also, it seems less aggressive than the rest of the article, but at the same time your point came across better. Just a personal opinion. Agree with the article.

    1. Thank you! Yeah I realise my points come across a lot clearer when I’m not driven by anger (difficult, because I am always driven by anger obv). Feedback I defo need to take into consideration though. 🙂

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