Ask me

Have a burning question? Need some impartial advice? Have a topic you really want me to explore? Want to get something off your chest and, for some godforsaken reason, want my thoughts? Have a controversial take or a dire/confusing situation that you want my open, wandering mind to tackle? 

Let me at it.

I know it’s sometimes better to talk to a stranger who has no preconceptions about you and can listen without being influenced by what they already know, by the years they’ve spent by your side. I also know there’s comfort in anonymity, and we mostly find it easier to reveal our deepest, darkest secrets and anxieties when we’re safe behind a mask, so I’ve removed the email aspect from this.

Send me a message below – just give me a name that I can address you by, whether it’s Anon, Jane Doe, Danny Zuko, or My Girlfriend Won’t Stop Replying to Compliments Online; Does She Really Love Me? (the answer is no). You’ll soon find an answer on the blog, but include an email address if you want to be alerted. 

I can’t promise I’ll tell you what you want to hear, but I can promise the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

(Of course, you’re still welcome to email me at But don’t be weird.)

– k.