Been here for too long, yes it’s time to fly

(Before I begin, I’d like to say that the default pronoun I am using here is he/him, because this is influenced by a situation I have witnessed, and because I am more comfortable talking from a female perspective. Because I am female. However, please assume that this applies both ways and to whatever gender you wish. Also, this ISN’T JUST FOR RELATIONSHIPS. It applies to friendships too….it’s just easier to talk about it as a relationship)
This is part 1 of 2 consecutive life-ey posts. A LONG one concerning the girls who are hung up over a guy they really shouldn’t even be thinking about. Or vice versa.

It’s so disheartening to see someone who deserves so much good hurting over someone who isn’t worth being a smudge on their past. Too many girls are devaluing themselves, wasting time over a lame ass and I’m just sitting here looking at them like: ?????? I’m not talking about a couple in a difficult relationship, where both are being assholes to each other, or even one more so than the other. I’m talking about girls with bright futures wanting to save the decaying mass who is wasting their life away in the corner and rejecting the only hand that wants to pull them into the light. You don’t want that as a partner, friend or even an acquaintance… Read more

How long you gonna stay here, Joe?

Rant: Heart vs Head

Sorry, but we all end up listening to our hearts. Whether we do in fact end up changing our minds and doing what our hearts desired, or we’re still looking back after making a ‘logical’ decision that conflicted with what we truly wanted because it’s too late and now we’re living a life of subtle to severe ongoing misery, beating ourselves up with “what if I wasn’t such a fucking pussy?”, we end up dwelling on what our heart wanted either way. Logic, rationale and listening to our head only really delays the inevitible and wastes time. It gives us a little longer to convince ourselves that the “right” decision is what we should be making – but we fail to address the question of “right for whom?”. So you were strong enough to walk away from what you really desired, congratulations, you now have an empty void that can only be filled by what you abandoned in the first place. To be honest, therefore, being able to listen to your head instead of your heart isn’t being strong, that’s bullshit. Absolute bullshit. There is no strength in walking away from what you really want, if you really want it and it’s difficult for you to walk away from it, why the hell are you doing it? That’s not strength. That’s stupidity. Strength comes from doing what you really want, taking all the risks that come with it. As is plastered all over the internet and peoples’ minds, a life of ‘oh well’s is a hell of a lot better than a life of ‘what if’s. Obviously there are some cases where you would NOT do this, such as a situation that is dangerous for you or the people around you, but if your decision isn’t going to physically hurt anyone, do what you want.
When you want to make a decision, you toss a coin, the best method there is. But the decision you make is not dependent on whether that coin lands on heads or tails, it lies with what you’re desperately wishing for it to be whilst that coin is still in the air.

When you tell your friends to “make sure I don’t go back to him”, and you’re secretly dying for one of them to come to you and tell you that they don’t think you’re crazy at all, you’ve found your answer.
At the end of the day, everyone wants to think logically. Everyone likes to boast that they think with their head and that that is positively correlated with having no emotions. Untrue. You can seemingly lack emotions and still think with your heart. Do what you want, don’t be a fucking pussy and do what you think is right, fuck logic. Follow your head if you’re weak and not your own person. FOLLOW YA HEART OR YOU’LL BE MISERABLE.

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Is it lonely where you are tonight?

A few years later you see her
and your withered, black heart springs to life again.
And you jump from the bench
in the spot you shared many moons ago
where she used to idly sing
and play with your hair
whilst your mind was somewhere else
and she knew.
And you go to tap her on the shoulder,
covered with that grey tartan that you loved so much
she must remember you.

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