Bleached out eyes from the valley sand

Hello you poor souls who are actually reading my blog,
I’m usually quite passionate when it come to politics and political climate. I have been known for both my apathy and my strong opinions (there is no in between), the latter of which has gotten me into trouble a couple times and the former of which has annoyed a lot of people. I guess there’s no pleasing everyone?
However the only thing stopping me from ranting about the multitude of problems occurring in the world right now is a lack of passion. Perhaps everything is so bad that I suddenly don’t care or I don’t have the words. That being said, tension mounts everyday and infiltrates even my own household, and I’m sure others’ too. I have to say I’m not scared of Islamophobic attacks (but if you’re going to attack me for my faith, please just kill me instead), however I admit I am a little nervous about taking a due trip to Oxford street. It’s not the destination that worries me, but the journey. What is life when your parents are too worried to let you step outside your own house? What is life when you have to dress like the majority in order to avoid being killed – or worse, EXPELLED?
Anyway, I wish I was somewhere else right now, where there seems to be nothing at all happening….for example Seville. I wrote a post earlier about dreams, but I didn’t really dwell on the step below dreams; passions. Take a moment to follow in the steps of BUTTFACE. Someone I am quite proud of right now *sniggers* (it’s an inside joke). I have known her since I was swagless, spotty and even uglier than I am now (hard to believe, I know), yet I didn’t even know she was hiding a passion for photography. It’s so strange and nice to see someone indulging in their passions whilst simultaneously making us envious of their location. If you want to look at pictures that will make you cry about your polluted town or you want to know that there is some beauty left in the world, look no further.
If you have instagram, follow her and bug her to take more pictures: anjani__photography 

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