We're all just tryna live comfortable [Hey Assbutt]

Right. So I recently encountered someone who pissed me off with her wrong opinion. I mean.. there are opinions, and there are opinions that are factually wrong. But then there are wrong opinions. Opinions that shouldn’t even be opinions.
I don’t normally hey assbutt about real encounters with real people, but I was ready to box her mentality. This person publicly broadcasted their snarky question of what a man has been doing all his life if he doesn’t have a house to his name by the age of 25. I was pissed.
You there, good sir. You’re 25. What the fuck have you been doing for your whole twenty five years of life, 21 of which have been spent either shitting your pants or being in education?
Ay you man, you’re 25. I don’t CARE that your grandparents weren’t millionaires like mine were, where is your house? I have four, you should at least have one!
Bruvva, we’re the same age, went to the same school, you got better grades than me; how come I’m a CEO with a family now and you’re still at checkouts? We all have the same twenty four hours!
My guy, you’re thirty years old and living on the streets, why don’t you own a house? Must be all the drugs you take!
That’s the kind of opinion you need to write on a piece of paper, wrap around a giant splintered pole, and shove all the way up your ass until it comes out of your mouth and renders you incapable of spewing anymore bullshit. People can fully be on their grind; a lot of people grind harder than you, but aren’t as privileged as you to be anywhere near the same level of comfort. The most hardworking people I’ve ever met weren’t anywhere near the top of any career – not only was their work ethic at the top of their game, but they were the nicest, most humble people I have ever known. Isn’t that something more noble you should be aiming to achieve?
I feel like the only people who make assumptions like this are the very young and the very naive/sheltered/spoilt. I shouldn’t really be so irked by this statement, but it hath done me a bamboozle. I don’t understand it. It infuriates me that there are sheltered people and even teenagers who comment on these things they couldn’t possible understand. It infuriates me that there are teenagers.
We have our own timeline,  we live at our own pace. We all have different goals. We all have different obstacles.
You wouldn’t ask a homeless person or a terminally ill person what they’ve been doing all their life if they don’t have a house by the age of 25. You wouldn’t dare be so insensitive and judgemental. Why does it take a visible hinderance for you to lift your judgements on the pace at which someone is living?
You don’t know what struggles the other person has, you don’t know what cards they were dealt, you don’t know what curveball life threw at them, you don’t know how long ago they got back on their feet. You don’t know what they’re going through now, or what’s going to happen to them. They might be comfortable and happy with where they are, or they might be punishing themselves everyday because they can’t bear the weight of the pressure to be at a stage that they can’t possibly reach right now.
There is no rule saying you need to have anything by a certain age; you don’t have to graduate by 23, you don’t need to be married by 25, you don’t need to be at the top of your career by 35. Women don’t need to have a baby before 30, men don’t need to be wealthy before 30.
It’s all bullshit. If you have that opinion, I hope something really shitty happens to you one time so that you have to put your life on hold too. Yikes.
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