Cultural appropriation + Gigi

It all comes down to this: real Muslim women who wear hijab for its actual purpose (faith) are being attacked and profiled, whilst people like Gigi are being praised for “fashion”.
I’m sure you’ve all seen that issue of Vogue Arabia, and you know what I’m talking about. If not, google it real quick because I’m not about to add a picture of that idiot to my post.
The amazing part is that it’s NON MUSLIMS that are saying we shouldn’t be offended by this. The even better part is that NON HIJAB WEARING MUSLIM GIRLS are saying that we shouldn’t be offended by this.
First of all, if you’re a Muslim girl who doesn’t wear hijab you have no right to comment on issues about Islam and the way people practice it.
I’ve seen people talking about how “Gigi is Palestinian, it’s not appropriation” or “it’s a step forward by normalising hijab in the fashion industry” and I’m about to address these stupid statements for you.

“She’s half palestinian”
This is how you know people are really thick. I didn’t realise Palestine was a religion, although I did know that people think only Arabs are Muslim and that all Arabs are Muslim. As if all Palestinians are Muslim, as if Gigi is Muslim, as if hijab is an ARAB garment. Hijab is not a cultural article of clothing. Yes, it is part of many cultures from Asia and the Middle East, but that’s only because they are predominantly Muslim. No shade, but if Christians stuck to their religion, a lot of Europe would be associated with hijab too. But the fact is they don’t. Hijab is an image that is ONLY associated with Islam, so don’t even try the ‘head coverings don’t belong to Muslims’ bullshit.
I don’t care if she’s Palestinian, German, Australian – she is not Muslim. And even if she was Muslim, she doesn’t wear hijab. She very clearly doesn’t represent Islam, considering the fact that this is a woman who struts around half naked for ~fashion~. Hijab is a religious garment. It has nothing to do with heritage and ethnicity. So no, it doesn’t matter if she’s Palestinian.
“Normalising hijab in the fashion industry is a step forward! You should be happy!”
Sorry, what? First of all, no. Actual Muslim women don’t throw a scarf on over a half naked body [some do, but notice I said “actual”].
Hijab doesn’t exist for aesthetic!!!! How many times!!! It doesn’t need to be accepted in the fashion industry!!!!!!!! It doesnt need to be accepted by anyone. It’s a religious garment. It’s not a fashion accessory and for gods sake it should NEVER become a part of the fashion industry. That is completely against the point of hijab. People are so roped into this consumerist society that they think the only way for acceptance is to capitalise on it. Don’t you fucking dare capitalise on hijab and pretend you’re doing it for Muslim women – I’m looking at you Habiba. But that’s a post for another time.
I’m tired of people thinking hijab needs to become integrated into the fashion industry – that hijabis can be ‘fashionable’. I’m tired of seeing ‘hijabi’ models. HIJAB IS NOT A FASHION ACCESSORY. HIJAB. IS. NOT. A. FASHION. ACCESSORY!!!!!!! IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FASHIONABLE.
I’m sick of people profiting off a religious garment.
I’m tired of people saying cultural appropriation isn’t a thing.
Indian women are ridiculed and mocked for wearing a bindi, but when white girls don cheap stickers between their bushy brows (which are now fashionable, whereas Asian/Arab girls were always mocked for them), it’s CUTE AF.
Arab girls are praised when they wear saris, but Indian women are called fresh.
Asian girls think its cool to braid their entire head and white guys think it’s cool to have dreadlocks, but black women are still being told their natural hair is unprofessional in the workplace.
IT’S CULTURAL APPROPRIATION AND IT’S A THING. Whilst many people and individuals may not be affected by it, and think we’re overreacting, it’s not your call to say whether someone can be offended.
By rejecting the idea of cultural appropriation you are reinforcing white supremacy and ignoring the struggles of minorities.

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