Time is slipping by [Goals before the end of 2017]

Hello, it’s been a while, but as you already know I am a pathetic excuse of a blogger so no surprise there. I have also already failed at Blogmas, but also so very expected of me, because I have about 50 half written drafts that I think aren’t good enough, so I abandon them. I am, however, putting a lot of my energy into something SECRET that I CAN’T TELL YOU ABOUT.
What else is new with me? I am currently experiencing my first ever migraine as a result of a huge life decision I’ve made, I finally had my hair trimmed so I no longer rip it out of my head when I sit down (s/o Slop), and I smashed my phone screen because I’m an idiot. I also went the Scandinavian Christmas Market, post pending. But in a nutshell, I’m living both ends of the spectrum and nothing in between. It’s a gamble. Will tomorrow be unbelievably great, or unbelievably shit? Will I ruin my own life again and wallow in self pity, or will my serotonin give me a refreshing slap in the face? Who knows.
But whatever, enough about me. Here are my December goals. Haha, get it? My head hurts.
1] Have written 20,000 words and a proposal
Sometimes I’ll go to the library for four hours and look at 350 memes. Other times I’ll go to the library for four hours and write 5,000 words. There is no in-between.  So, logically speaking, by increasing the frequency with which I visit the library, I also exponentially increase my chances of having those 5,000-word days. With that in mind, and 14,000 words left to reach my goal (next year’s goal is to finish it), I can definitely achieve this. Probably. I can’t tell you what I’m writing though. Shit, that was my secret. With regards to a proposal, though? Why should you buy my book? Because I spent bloody hours slaving away in said horrible library just to give you a chunk of my mind.
2] Read half of the autobiography of Malcolm X
What, I’m being realistic because this book is long. I’m a few pages in and I love it; not only because I love Malcolm X, but because it is so well written. I studied US Civil Rights during GCSE history and I enjoyed it. A lot. Which was a shame because I didn’t love the class, even though the resources we were given were a1. Long story short, Malcolm X was my favourite part, and who says learning about history is confined to institutional education? Honestly, you tell these lames that you’re reading about real life shit and they call you lame for not watching I’m a Celeb instead. Bye.
3] Finish watching all of Harry Potter
Every single damn year. Every year I strive to finish reading Harry Potter, but I just never do it. I even bought all of the hardbacks in order to guilt myself into reading them every time I walk past the bookcase but lol, nope. The reason being that there are tons of other books I’m trying to get through, and, whilst I love the HP books, I don’t see the point in me reading them when I can just watch the movies and get it over with. I mean, truthfully, Gary Oldman ruined the books for me. Why read Azkaban/Phoenix, when I can WATCH HIM ON MY TV? Love you, Norman.
4] Go to Winter Wonderland
Laaaaame. Whatever. Winter Wonderland is great, and you don’t even have to spend £7 on a 30 second rollercoaster to enjoy it. I don’t remember if I went last year, but I went on New Year’s Eve one time (dressed like a goth) and I had a whale of a time. Relax. Walk around. Look at all the smiles around you, grit your teeth at all the happy couples, take your glasses off and enjoy the fuzzy Christmas lights. Drink some mulled wine, eat some doughnuts. Indulge in the festive atmosphere. I LOVE IT.
5] Get my car washed
GUYS. I’M SO EMBARRASSED, THERE ARE STREAKS OF DIRT AND SPIDER’S TENANCY IS ALREADY UP. I’m serious. It made a home next to my mirror for a couple of months and now it has gone, presumably to somewhere warmer. If I have refused to drive you somewhere, this is 10% the reason, the other 90% being that I cba. I have been driving around in a dirt ball because it’s too cold to clean it. Why don’t you take it to a car wash? Because those stupid giant mitts don’t clean it properly. Why don’t you take it to a hand car wash? Because they WON’T CLEAN IT LIKE I WANT THEM TO. Also because I have trust issues. Also because they’ll laugh and hate me. I’m just waiting for a day where I have the will to wear 15 layers of clothing and clean it myself. That’s a lie, I’m just gonna bite the bullet and take it to those guys around the corner. Probably turn up with some chocolates because I am so sorry that it’s gonna take you ages to clean this shit. Maybe a couples of drinks too, because NO I DON’T KNOW WHY THERE’S MOSS ON THE WINDOW.
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5 thoughts on “Time is slipping by [Goals before the end of 2017]

  1. 100 words or 20 million.. I won’t get your book if your slaving… I will get it for your chunk of mind though.. keep it true.. the truth is bright like the sun, but most look for it with candlelight..
    You’re doing great, I’ll follow..

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