Don't lose any sleep tonight [Your end of 2017 goals]

Right so I was actually gonna write another ginormous shitpost but I didn’t know if that’d be a good idea, so I wrote this instead. Not as ~juicy~ (I hate that idiot word too), but PROBABLY MORE USEFUL. I dunno, maybe you enjoy reading about me being a crybaby? Let me know x
Anyway. You know what I love doing? Helping people when I’m trying to sort my own shit out. Need an ego boost? I’m here, you fucking beautiful non-snowflake. Need a pep talk? I’m your man, let’s get your shit together. Think you’re being a cunt? You probably are, let’s figure out what you’re doing wrong.
I thought about telling tell you my own end of year goals, but who cares about me, right??? Instead, I’ve used my time to SELFLESSLY compile a list that you, yes you personally, should make your end of year goals. Gawd, the things I do for this shitty ass blog.
There’s basically just a month and a half left of 2017. Gasp. Yes, I know, time is a man made concept. ‘New year new me’ is some bullshit. But I think we can all agree that there is a certain catharsis that comes with the end of a year, with a brand new calendar.
Without further ado.

Finish reading that book you’ve been putting off
I have so many unfinished books on my shelf and it. Makes. Me. Sick. I hate walking past them all, taunting me and shit. Pick one, find a quiet place, suck it up and finish it. Even if you end up hating the ending, you’ll feel so satisfied. If you haven’t started one, then do that. Even if it’s the shortest book you can find.
Come clean
I bet there are a bunch of people who have told a little lie and have been stuck with it for ages, living miserable lives because of how much it has spiralled out of control. Or maybe you told a lie ages ago and you just feel shit about it. Come clean, man. They might kick you in the balls or they might give you a massive hug. They might not even care. Either way, lying is a shitty thing to do, for yourself and the people you lie to. The world runs a little smoother when we’re honest.
Make amends
Call up the people you left on bad terms with. Talk to them. Tell them you’re sorry for whatever happened. Tell them you forgive them even though they haven’t asked for your forgiveness. I mean I wouldn’t do it, but it’d feel like a huge weight lifted. Probably.
Tell them how you feel
If you’re trying to break up with your man, just do it. It’ll give him/yourself more time to heal. If you can’t stop thinking about that girl, tell her. She might feel the same. If you’re cheating on your partner, tell them and then go and kill yourself you piece of shit. Whatever you’re feeling, ACT ON IT BISH [NOT murder/suicide]. The year is almost over.
Take a massive risk
Go somewhere brand new. Record that vlog. Do that thing that’s been playing on your mind for ages. If it fucks up, who cares, we don’t talk about what happened last year. Forget about how it’ll make you look, forget about what will happen if it goes wrong. Unless, obviously, the risk involves death/ruining your life. In that case don’t do it pls, I don’t want to be held accountable.
If it’s broke, leave it.
You know what I’m talking about. The whole dwelling thing that we love to do because we’re masochistic dickheads. Your ex is your ex for a reason, don’t try putting back together the pieces of something that has been smashed to smithereens. Even if you do, it’s just gonna fall apart again and you’ll be missing out on something else. Move on, I promise there are better things.
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  1. We should not worry about our past and lets not throw our head why it’s happening ..Only best solution is to move on.

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