Falling for you somehow, Autumn

I think the daddy longlegs have finally disappeared, but I don’t wanna speak too soon so hopefully they can’t read.
I hate to be another lifestyle blogger talking about Autumn, but I can’t help it. I wait the entire year just for this season.
There are just some things about Autumn that make you feel calm, comfortable, and less angry about life. Everything desaturates, the air is clearer, the leaves fall orange on patchy grass, the sun is less intense so you can actually see the road ahead. It’s the season of chilling the heck out, slowing everything right down and re-evaluating your life. Autumn is comfort. Autumn is me having Blossom on repeat because it’s the best album of 2017 and I have a newfound love for it this season.
But I digress. I have a bad habit of getting deep and philosophical about things the way I just did. Time to get right into the good stuff, and what I believe are the best things about Autumn.

Cinnamon in your coffee. Cinnamon on your pancakes. Cinnamon in your hand wash. Cinnamon in yo toilet air freshener.
Wearing a beanie every day and not looking like you’re about to rob somebody.
Being the early bird and getting all the worms because everybody is still asleep these cold mornings.
Good movies start coming on TV. Got Brokeback Mountain and Edward Scissorhands on DVD already? Doesn’t matter, you HAVE to clear your schedule for 4pm on ITV.
Less birds hanging out on trees and shitting on your car. 
‘Tis the season of porridge and maple syrup.
Not being shiny!!! But also being dry as heck in the face department, so I dunno if that’s really a win.
Layers upon layers. Being able to style a fat hoody with skinny jeans and boots, and still looking chic-fil-a.
Not feeling bad for staying in bed when you’re PMSing.
Not feeling bad for that Sunday lie-in or that 10pm bed-time.
Burrowing yourself in somebody else’s jacket whilst they’re wearing it. I mean I dunno what that’s like, but I assume it is gr8.
The air turns into that crisp, sharp, nose hurting, school-morning fresh air.
No weird tan lines.
Dark mornings, dark evenings. Dark at 7am. Dark at 7pm. Dark. Darkness. I love the dark. Dark.
No mosquitos or flies roaming around your face and biting your legs 7 times in one night. 
Stranger Things and the Walking Dead.
Cold evenings and colder nights! Gimme all the fluffy socks and sitting around with a blanket all day.
Christmas spirit sneakily creeping it’s way into your local supermarket on a packet of biscuits, hiding amongst the pumpkins and witches.
Having a legitimate excuse to not go anywhere and stay at home instead. ‘Too cold’, ‘too ill’, ‘not gonna lie, I cba’.
Being more inclined to actually finish that book you’ve been reading because we all become avid readers when the fire’s raging and it’s pissing down outside. Am I right????
Bulking season and comfort foods. Time to put away the salad and reach for the carbs and proteins. Beef stew and dumplings? All the potatoes? Nihari???!!!! Yes!!!!!!
Abandoning lagom for a little while and reverting back to being an avid advocator of hygge

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  1. One of the main things that I miss about living in the tropics is the lack of seasons. We have the wet season and the dry season and that’s it. It’s basically hot and rainy or hot and sunny. Autumn was always my favorite time of year. You’ve made me a little homesick for England!

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