Favourite things about summer? Aside from almost dying.

Just love these 8 randomly placed mosquito bites that appeared overnight just when I thought the previous 6 healed. How did you even get there? In one night??
Summer is not my favourite season. Is this sweat running down my face? Or do I have a little MCR in my eye? I love winter, I love the atmosphere, I love the darkness. I love when Ramadan falls in Winter. I love cold and early nights. I love thunderstorms and heavy rain. I love sleeping comfortably in 3 blankets. I just love winter.
I hate feeling too hot. I hate that everybody gets naked. But I gotta think about the positives. I guess there are a few things I like about the few days of warmth that we get…like changing “coke, no ice” to “coke zero, ALL the crushed ice”.

1.  Fruit. Overpriced iced tea.
Watermelon. Mangoes – the proper Pakistani ones that we wait all year for. Salads. All these weird, light foods that are not really satisfying enough to eat in the winter suddenly become amazing. Maybe because it works a treat for your instagram feed in the summer, and what’s the point in eating anything if it isn’t instagram worthy? Anyway. I could eat a whole watermelon in one go. Not the small ones. Lemon iced tea is life. Also, do people even eat feta in the winter?

2. Earlier mornings and later nights.
This is exactly why I prefer winter, but it has its perks. It’s harder for someone to kill me at 6am when the sun is exposing all who walk the streets, and it’s so much easier to wake up when the sun is already up before you. These mornings, I am gradually awakened either by the light burning through my eyelids or by almost drowning in sweat (that was a really gross exaggeration. I don’t wake up sweating, but you get me). And I don’t have to rip my eyelids open and drag myself out of bed. Plus, my parents will wait until about 11pm, rather than 8pm, to ask me when I’m coming home.

3. Not having to drive in heavy rain and snow
I love heavy rain – when I’m not in a moving vehicle. That split second that a billion raindrops renders you blind before it’s wiped away, ready for the second batch? Having to carefully avoid splashing every single pedestrian, thereby dangering yourself? Stopping distance??? Tailgaters???? People who don’t use their damn indicators????? In these conditions???  No thanks.

4. Better skin.
I don’t know if this happens to other people, but my skin is a lot better in the summer. I don’t know if it’s because it’s subject to humidity rather than harsh, dry conditions, but I feel like the heat (re: sweat) is a sort of detox for my face. I don’t have to spend ££££ on a super moisturising and nourishing face cream!!! I just bought one for £5!I rarely ever go out, but in the summer I’m less inclined to wear a lot of makeup and CC cream costs a LOT less than foundation… We get that natural highlighter (sweat) and blush (flush), you know? Also, vitamin D.

5. Speaking of hydration….drinking more fluids.
Which also contributes to the last point. I find it so hard to stay hydrated, mostly because I can’t be bothered to keep a bottle of water with me, and in the winter I am rarely thirsty. Obviously in the summer, when it’s hot, the majority of us are constantly looking for a cool drink pretty much all the time. Those who don’t normally drink water savour it like it’s holy, and only good things come from drinking 200% your usual daily water intake. Plus it tastes better when you’re hot.

6. Barbecues.
Because what the fuck if you have them in the winter. Sign me up, but my neighbours will probably move away. Win-win? Grill ALL the meat and make ALL the potato salad. I get jealous when I smell a barbecue a-happening in my vicinity.

Not having to layer and layer and layer. As much as I love a massive winter coat, I’m one for light jackets. I love not having to lug around a massive fleecy thing – not only does it drown me, but it makes it harder to walk and I get just that little bit more tired with every step.

8. London.
To be honest, I don’t know. I love London in Autumn/Winter, because every time I’ve ever been in the summer, I’ve ended up tired, hot and bored. Also it is SO beautiful in the winter, minus the tubes. But there are parks and picnics, and boats and all the fun stuff that you can’t really do in minus temperatures. Plus, if you’re not an idiot and you wait until rush hour has passed, being in the city during a summer night is a lot better than when you’re freezing to death and all you want is to teleport to your bed.

9. Not being fluey or being around fluey people 90% of the time.
Self explanatory. I appreciate not having a snotty nose and throbbing headache. And earaches that make you want to stick a pencil in there because being deaf is something you’d contemplate if it meant the end of this agony.  However, I hate those pesky bugs that arrive during and just after summer. Dragonflies and moths give me heart palpitations. And you know what we have to look forward to in September? Daddy longlegs!! Yes!!!! Just let me chug them benzos after 6pm and stick a knife in me! Seriously can we just delete September.

10. Everyone goes on holiday.
Good. Leave.

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