Hey Assbutt: Hijabi beauty bloggers

Can I just start of with a little anecdote; I recently finished reading The Hours [for my Health & Illness module at university], and I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that I liked so much and that made me want to jump out of the window at the same time. For that reason I give it a 7/10 because it’s beautifully written, and the distressing nature of the novel is intentional –  I just didn’t care about the characters. If you want to read about depression, though, and a truly accurate portrayal of it, read this novel. Put down your YA fiction about cigarettes and broken hearts, novels that you know will have a happy ending, and pick up this one that will put you into the roadblocked mind of three women. It has a way of making you feel their depression without actually using the word ‘depression’.
Moving on, I’m revisiting a topic that I’ve been over time and time again. ‘Hijabi’ beauty bloggers. YouTubers. Aspiring make up artists. These women is they are perceived as ‘strong’ because they’re Muslim women who are making something out of their lives – they’re successful considering they’re Muslim.
However, to claim that they are ‘successful Muslim women’ is just atrocious. They’re successful women, sure. But successful ‘Muslim’ women?
How do you define success as a Muslim woman when the reason for your success goes against Islam? Call yourself a successful woman. Not a successful Muslim woman. [By the way, there isn’t anything successful about doing makeup and showing off your clothes on the internet. Anybody can do it, everybody does do it. There, I SAID IT.]
I truly cannot understand what occurs in the minds of these people. “Muslim women are slaying the makeup game”; is this REALLY what you want to be known for? Your religion forbids you from doing such things and you want to use the name of Islam to give yourself further credit for your success?
It’s disgusting.
Wearing makeup isn’t haram, and most of us do it. But taking videos of it? First of all, get over yourself. Second of all, STOP TAKING VIDEOS OF YOURSELF FOR THE INTERNET!!!!!!! About ‘Muslim.’
Have you also noticed that every internet famous ‘hijabi’ wears turban ‘hijabs’, tight clothing and shows that little bit of hair at the top of their head? If you’re going to be a role model for Muslim girls, be a role model for MUSLIM girls, otherwise don’t do it at all. Don’t claim to be successful for a ‘Muslim’ woman.
Do what you gotta do! Be successful! Make money however you want! But don’t do it as a Muslim woman.
If you do, you have to understand that you are a role model whether you like it or not. Sorry. The burden comes with it. I hear so many of these YouTubers and bloggers saying things like ‘I’m not perfect, I’m not a role model’, BITCH what do you think those thousands of viewers are? For banter? Get your head out of your ass and watch what you’re doing. The ‘rude’ people in your comments section saying ‘you’re not muslim’ or ‘take off your hijab’ are saying it for a reason. You can keep telling them it’s haram to judge, but it’s not haram to publicly call someone out for publicly sinning and encouraging others to sin.
Everybody sins. There are people who do it privately and there are people who don’t do it privately, yet don’t try to justify it. And then there are people who do it publicly, keep doing it publicly, try to justify it, encourage others to do it and then TEACH others how to do it!
‘Hijabi’ beauty bloggers are no worse than the Muslim women who appear on playboy magazine. Yeah I’m looking at Noor. It’s literally exactly the same thing.
So if you’re able to sleep at night knowing that you will be called in front of God to account for all the young Muslim women you led astray…continue. Not only that, you are contributing to the rise of Islamophobia against Muslim women who actually visibly follow Islam.
‘You’re oppressed, chill out. Other hijabis are so relaxed, so it must be allowed. You must be super conservative’
‘Why can’t you be more modern like ______’
‘Other Muslims girls here are so normal in shisha bars and jeans!!! Why don’t you go live in the Middle East!’
‘So you CAN adapt to Western Culture but you choose not to. Get out’

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