Hey Assbutt: Savage

So what’s the deal with people calling themselves ‘savage’? Girls? I think it’s something to do with Rihanna, although I’m not sure because I don’t listen to bullshit.
From what I gather, it’s basically an extension of “You can’t handle me, I’m a bad bitch, I’m cooler than the rest”.
I hate when people take words and warp their definition. I still use the word savage. Except when I use it, I mean literally a savage –
A person who is animal-like, has no common sense or decency, acts like one not of civilisation is a savage.  A person who eats soup with their hands is a savage. A person who walks outside with their clothes inside out and food smeared all over their face, whilst communicating in ape noises is a savage. Leatherface is a savage.
A person who gives a brutal response that merits an “Ohhhh savage” is… not??? When did this become a thing???
Going back to what I said, it’s basically a shitty rendition of the rebel without a cause. Except it’s not, because the cause is the most obvious thing. To gain the label.
Hipster-esque summary: If you were so ‘savage’ you wouldn’t go out of your way to make it so. It would be a ~lifestyle~ and not a label. Clearly, if it is something to shout about, it is not a part of your identity, but rather something you wish to be.
But. What. Ever.

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