I couldN'T care less

So can I just quickly rant about something that really grinds my gears and has done for as long as I can remember?
“I could care less”
Like. What are you even doing. Telling me you “could care less” is telling me you ACTUALLY CARE A LITTLE BIT. Do you know words? Are you familiar with them? Do you think about what you are saying? Do you know ANYTHING? You are trying to tell me that you don’t care by telling me that you don’t NOT care as much as you could? Logic, I am having difficulty finding you in this moronic person ….Was that phrase coined by somebody cool and then repeated by people who didn’t even stop and think about what they were saying? I am perplexed by how many generations of ignorant people that phrase had to have been passed down through in order for it to still be circulating as widely as it is today. I don’t think I have EVER heard somebody say it the correct way.
You’re supposed to say “I COULDN’T care less”, which means you cannot possibly care any less than you do now. It means you don’t care at all. I COULD care less means “I care a little….I don’t care that much, but it’s possible that I could care a little less than I do now, so yeah I do care a little right now.”
I couldn’t care less = I don’t care at all
I could care less = I care a little bit
Please. It hurts my heart every time I hear stupid things like this. Morons.

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