I like looking at pictures of dead bodies.

Here is a video I watched, you can watch it too if you want, it’s just a decomposing body.
Don’t run away, allow me to explain.

I enjoy looking at find interesting the pictures of decomposing human bodies. I like it because it reminds me of how temporary this life is. How every superficial thing you have and believe in this life doesn’t mean shit when you’re dead. Everyone is ugly as hell when they’re rotting and decomposing. Everybody is the same when they’re in the grave. All you are is a body, a shell that wears out and dies when its time is up. The good people could be rotting next to bad people, the rich people next to poor people, the unattractive people next to the attractive people, yet we will all look the same and we will all be in the same size grave (unless you’ve blown money on making it big and extravagant and better than everybody else’s… even though underneath all that dirt you’re still the same decaying organic matter as everybody else (thanks Fight Club)).
It makes me laugh when I think of the wealthy people with rotten hearts. It makes me think of the pretty girls with bitchy personalities. It makes me think of the egotistical people with the instagrams full of selfies, promoting the hell out of themselves. It makes me think of the people who over-modernise their religion to fit with the times. It makes me think of the boys who treat girls wrong. It makes me think of the arrogant people who think the world owes them a good life. And it makes me want to spit at their graves. Or their urn.
Then it makes me think of the people who valued brains over beauty. It makes me think of the people with pure hearts. The people who loved and forgave people, that never uttered a single word against another. The people who never knowingly caused distress for anybody. The people that had religion and followed their faith, for they didn’t live for this world. They knew they would end up the same way as everybody else: dead. They lived to purify their soul for the hereafter. I think of the people who loved immensely. And all of it beautifies them, even though they’re dead and ugly and rotting, it beautifies them .
You’re not taking your pretty face, or your popularity, or your supercars with you after you die. They get left behind in this world and destroyed eventually. You are taking your good deeds, your bad deeds, your soul and your faith. The only thing you leave behind is how people remember you, and how people are inspired by you. Be kind to people, be generous in forgiveness, be humble. Be rich, be pretty, be popular, sure, but be good. Insha’allah everybody comes to understand this and we throw away all the things that better our life here but take us further away from Heaven.
The believing heart of the poorest man is the purest. Take heed and realise the only thing stopping you from becoming better is yourself.
I apologise if there is anybody who doesn’t believe in religion or who has beliefs that differ from mine but I also don’t care. The point is: be a good person.

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