I promise you someday we'll tell ourselves 'oh my god this is paradise.'

6) How would you describe happiness?
It’s when you don’t want to go to sleep because you want to taste the air and hear the noises and feel the cold; you want to be there living your life instead of being semi-dead. And it’s when you can’t wait to sleep just so you can lay in bed a while, replaying memories or thoughts in your head until you fall asleep; you blink and it’s tomorrow, and you get to live all over again for another day. And you can never remember what you dreamt of last night because you didn’t; your reality is better than any dream you could ever have. It’s when you’re walking home on a stormy night without an umbrella, or anything at all, to protect you and you laugh when you feel the rain soaking you through to your skin, making your clothes damp and your makeup run, and you feel gross. And you walk slower and laugh some more because you feel alive and grateful.  When you notice the cute well-behaved kids, when you notice the adorable old couple, when you notice the punk rocker laughing with a hipster, when the sun hits you from a certain angle and you feel beautiful. When you don’t have a single negative thought inside you, no bitterness, no regrets, because everything good cancels out the bad. It’s when you feel like nothing could ever take that feeling away from you and you want the world to feel the same way as you.
At least I assume so.

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