Is it lonely where you are tonight?

A few years later you see her
and your withered, black heart springs to life again.
And you jump from the bench
in the spot you shared many moons ago
where she used to idly sing
and play with your hair
whilst your mind was somewhere else
and she knew.
And you go to tap her on the shoulder,
covered with that grey tartan that you loved so much
she must remember you.

But she’s holding a hand
and she’s singing a song you’ve never heard.
She’s glowing.
Somebody else has been wiping away the tears
that have washed away the stains
of the ones you left on her face.
Somebody else kisses the forehead
that she spent so long resting in her palms
“What did I do wrong?”
And when she sees you,
she doesn’t look at you with hatred or contempt.
She smiles
And it sends a million daggers through your chest.

– k.

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