Got the music in you baby, tell me why [January Playlist]

Here’s another episode of ‘K doesn’t shut the hell up about music, yeah we know it’s a massive part of your life, it’s a massive part of everyones,  you ain’t special.’
Wow, ok. But I did commit to doing a regular monthly playlist, and I will deliver.
Auld Wives – Bear’s Den
Shout out to Wilko for their banging playlist; I heard this song when I was shopping for half price pick & mix (probably).
Just For Now/For You – Tonight Alive
Just for Now is my favourite song on the album and I’m dying to hear it live. I’m having dreams about the sore throat I’ll have the morning after belting it out. For You is one of those songs you don’t really like at the beginning but then you realise that’s it’s chill af and you’re suddenly playing it on loop. It’s so relaxing. Feels like a hot knife in butter.
Apocalypse – Cigarettes After Sex
A little while ago I was making regular bus (ew) trips and I was listening to this on repeat. As stupid as this sounds, this song really helps with my anxiety. Honestly, I get goosebumps when I listen to this. I would thank the person who recommended this song, but they’re not gonna read it.
When We Were Lovers – Jack Savoretti
Love a bit of Jack Savoretti. What I really mean is I love a lot of Jack Savoretti. I love Jack Savoretti. I am in love with Jack Savoretti. If dictionary had a voice note for ‘man’, it would just be Jack Savoretti making a noise. But yeah, this is my favourite song off Sleep No More. Did I mention Jack Savoretti? Jack Savoretti.
Muy Personal – Yandel ft J Balvin
Ah, Yandel, my 14 year old self’s crush. Ah, J Balvin, my 16 year old self and beyond’s crush. Ah, any song with both of them in.  Their voices are so different, and this song is so mellow. Yandel is JD, J Balvin is Jameson. I’m gonna stop with the weird comparisons.
Filthy – Justin Timberlake
We were flicking through the music channels and saw a robot that looked like JT and it was all ‘what the yike is this uncanny valley shit? Wait put it back on, my buttcheeks are involuntarily tryna twerk on this sofa.’
Be The One – Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa has one of them faces that you can stare at all day and one of them voices that you wanna duet with. I COULD BE THE ONE. TWENTY ONE. It’s an inside joke. Love inside jokes. Love to be a part of one some day.
Dance With Me – 112
Every now and then I’ll listen to a really old song for no apparent reason and make a mental note to add it to my wedding playlist, should I ever actually go through with the dream and marry myself. This month, the song is Dance With Me.
Cola – CamelPhat
Every now and then I’ll also listen to a song which will make me ask myself the all important question: ‘why the heck am I listening to this?’. I will be embarrassed by my antics. I will then go back and listen to that song again, hoping nobody can hear it. This month, the song is Cola. I’m sitting in a dark room in a Christmas jumper, but in my head I feel like a sweaty student in a nightclub.
Finesse – Bruno Mars ft Cardi B
Is this my new favourite song? No, but it’s pretty close. I don’t like it when I like a Bruno Mars song, but look, look how talented he is. Sounds so 90s. Only 90’s kids will truly appreciate this song. Brings back all them memories of being potty trained and learning to walk. Ahh, the good times.


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