Merry Christmas, kiss my ass

Hey everyone,
So an issue I want to briefly discuss is the idea of Muslims ‘celebrating’ Christmas. First of all, as a Muslim you can’t celebrate Christmas of course, that is the birth of Christ, or ‘God’. For any non Muslim who doesn’t know, Jesus exists in Islam as Prophet Isa (as), and he is NOT God,  or the son of God and we don’t know his birth date. So, given this, we should definitely NOT celebrate Christmas. I do, however, have a slight problem with Muslims saying we shouldn’t wish Christians a Merry Christmas or allow anything Christmassy near us, as apparently it means we condone the reasons for this celebration.
When a customer or anyone says ‘have a good Christmas’, I instinctively say ‘you too’. It’s NOT because I believe that Jesus is the son of God and that December the 25th is the day of his birth.  When people wish me a happy Easter and I say ‘you too’, it’s NOT because I believe Jesus was resurrected after being crucified (he wasn’t). It is simply out of respect for their faith – it makes me so happy when non-Muslims  wish me a happy Eid and I know that they don’t have the same beliefs as me, I admire them even more just because of that. They’re simply doing it out of an act of kindness. Why should I stand there and lecture someone who just tried to be nice? Save that for another time.
Christmas means nothing to me, it has no sentimental value to me and, as a Muslim, I absolutely oppose the reasons for the celebration. Please bear in mind, also, that many Christians themselves who celebrate Christmas completely forget about the reason for it – it is literally just an excuse for family to come together and have an exchange of gifts and company without the reflection on a certain birthday. If the meaning of Christmas has blurred amongst Christians, what makes you think a Muslim will celebrate Christmas for its true meaning? Also, what is ‘celebrating’ Christmas? I do not celebrate this  holiday, but I enjoy the effect it has on everything around me. The atmosphere in my town and city during this period is something I like. I WILL buy my baby elf shoes and Christmas jumpers, I WILL drink Christmas coffees, I WILL admire the Christmas lights.

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