My 500 Words, Day 2: Goals.

Yeah, I’ve started a challenge on day 2. I’ve decided to participate in this writing challenge and each day I’m given a prompt which I believe will help me get back on my literary feet. Clearly I’ve hit rock bottom now that I need prompts to write, and I feared this day would come, but it has and I’m going to do what I need to.
Today’s prompt is to tell you my reasons for doing this, which I already briefly have done. I miss writing. I miss reading books and writing pieces outside of uni work, which I’m honestly drowning in. I’m doing it to remind myself that I have a hobby, a passion, and to remind myself that I can always have time for it like I once did. To force myself to put aside a little time to write just 500 extra curricular words is a guilt free way for me to continue/get back into finding my passion again – 500 words is nothing and takes no time [the other red-bull fuelled night I wrote a 900 word essay in 20 minutes on how a butt has the same composition as a cheesecake(?). Maybe I’ll post an extract one day. It made so much sense at the time.]
And I’m already 200 words in. I guess my overall goal is literally just to get the ball rolling again, and by the end of it I hope I’m confident enough to keep writing despite hectic life and uni. This way I won’t go into another creative hiatus.
I know I enjoyed writing when I would actually look forward to writing essays for my English class when I was younger. Kids around me would complain about how hard it is and I’d be having a party. I’ve never been under my word limit. I knew I wanted to write when people would slave over an essay for weeks and come out with an average grade, and I’d come top of the class after scribbling one down the night before. Not to brag, because that has now drastically changed. Now I’m slaving too. I knew I wanted to write when people would make fun of me for taking books out of the library to read for fun, when the same people would desperately ask me to go through and edit their coursework and I didn’t mind doing it. I knew it when my teacher – I forget which one – would pick up the book on my table every lesson, asking me what book I was reading this week whilst reading the blurb.
Looking back now I really do question why I ever considered studying law. I won’t lie, a part of me still doesn’t want my skill for research and arguing going to waste. But every law student I met told me they wish they’d studied English instead, and I would never spend years slaving over the legal system when I can just do that in my own time. I can always then cheat my way into law through a conversion course and be one of those ones.
Hopefully by now you would have learnt my reasons for doing this challenge and a little anecdote into my reasons for  studying English literature as a result of my passion for writing, but my 500 words has come to an end. Until tomorrow, maybe.
– k.
Word count: 554

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