Review: Pro Supps Mr Hyde

Just a quick review to tell you that this shit GOT ME FUCKED UP. Fucked up. Unless you’re a 200lb powerlifter, just go.
You’ll find this devil here.
Okay it’s not that bad.
Let’s rewind a little. I usually use ON amino energy as my preworkout, and I have been for a few years now. It gives me clean energy, and it is honestly so nice that I use it as a pick me up and even drink it when I’m studying. It’s nice. Compared to Mr Hyde, it’s baby food. No, it’s water. Oh man.
I didn’t take a full serving of it – I literally just used the same (heaped) scoop that comes with amino energy and drank up. 20 minutes later, I felt a really nice buzz and I was ready to GO. I mean GO bitch, GO. I was so alert, buzzing around like a fly. Honestly, I felt like I had just taken cocaine and I just whizzed through my workout. I was so pumped I could rip a bitch’s head off.
An hour in and I started to feel sick AND energetic. Like it provided energy for my brain to spin even faster. Since I was alert, I was very aware of it. I had suddenly acquired tinnitus. An hour after that and I was finished. I started to feel unbelievably nauseous. Now I don’t know if it was the effect of so much caffeine (amino energy isn’t even really a pre-workout), or because my body was working harder than my brain thought it could, but it fucked me UP. I recommend it if you can handle the side effects. Let’s get a little in depth.
At first I was like yeah!!!!! But then I was like no!!!!!!!! It’s so sweet. This literally tastes like someone melted down a jolly rancher. In theory, it’s nice. But there’s nothing to cut through the sweetness and honestly didn’t help my nausea later on. I mean it’s not bad. It’s drinkable. I don’t really care for taste if it delivers. But nausea is a bitch.

I mean, I’ve read some complaints, but I had no lumps and it actually mixed pretty easily.
Before and during the workout, 30/10. After the workout, -5/10 because I felt too slumped to do anything.
Side effects:
Would I use it regularly?
Since I am not a gigantic man, no. Amino Energy honestly gives me what I need and I don’t think I’ll ever be in a situation in the foreseeable future in which I would need to consume so much caffeine before a workout. But I just might buy Dr. Jekyll.  The name alone has convinced me. Get it??? Dr Jekyll is the tamer version of Mr Hyde!!!!! I love it. This bitch has 400mg of caffeine per serving, whilst Dr Jekyll has 100mg (like amino energy) and is more body focused instead of being a stimulant. Kind of an important thing when you consider I have to spend the rest of the day being productive with studies, and I can’t do that after a caffeine crash. Also, let me remind you that a can of Rockstar contains 160mg of caffeine. A standard can of Red Bull has less than 80mg.
I don’t know. I really liked the energy it gave me whilst it lasted; it gave me a massive push and I managed to somehow get in a 2 hour workout instead of my usual 55 minutes. Still, I don’t know if the nausea and CRASH is worth it. I enjoy being so alert, so maybe I’ll cut the serving down and see how it goes.
Overall verdict:
It is amazing for its purpose. It will deliver, and I can say that a hundred times. It will give you that extra 20% for your workout, your stamina will increase and you’ll get in more reps before failure. However, after the workout it is highly likely that you will crash. I personally crashed really hard, and, whilst everybody is different, I’ve read quite a few reviews where people have said the same thing. It is definitely worth trying out, if you’re willing to suffer through the crash for an insane workout.

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