Shoot a hole in the sky [June Journal – top priorities]

Today’s prompt: Your top priorities
Today is a shit day. So God’s work is here, telling me that my next prompt means I have to focus on my priorities right now. I don’t have the will to write an interesting introduction either, so let’s get straight to it because life is shit, life is shit.
Physical health
I want to get my sleeping pattern back in check, I want to eat properly and I want to train even more and even harder than I used to. Once you’ve passed your teens it is vital to look after your health – you can’t keep staying up late snacking and drinking energy drinks. And once you’ve passed a certain age, your metabolism slows down dramatically and you get fat and lazy. Basically. So why wait for that age to begin (which is harder to do), when you can get the ball rolling years beforehand?
Financial stability
I’m graduating next month. These past two weeks were supposed to be used for writing cover letters and applying for jobs, but Ramadan has me so lethargic and unless you’re looking for a standard part-time job, you need to focus. I haven’t really decided what I’m doing yet. I had to quit my job and I’ve been a student without income for the past few months, which means for the first time ever I am worried about money and will be struggling for fucks fucking sake.  You have bills to pay and no way to pay them. But it was my own fault. Even though I’m in a shit place and I’m months behind, I guess now I have my degree behind me. On the one hand, I want to kickstart a career. But on the bigger hand I don’t want to kickstart a career. I kinda do want a part time job so that I can get some income to pay for my outgoings whilst I work on something I enjoy. A life in an office isn’t something I want.
Moving out + travelling
Having said that, I really want to move out and I think it’s my top priority at the moment. And I can only do that with a good income, so that’s why the career path is still on my mind. Asian families have a thing where the daughters aren’t allowed to move out until they’re married. Fortunately, my parents aren’t like that, and as long as I’m financially stable, they’d be happy with me getting my own place. And I’m dying to move out. Not because I hate my family or anything… it just becomes difficult to start really adulting when you’re living amongst a bazillion people, having your clothes washed for you and food on the table for you every day. That and the freedom thing. (By freedom thing I mean freedom to nap all day and order pizza every night). Travelling is also something I’ve missed out on in my life, and now I can do it alone/with friends. It’s not as important to me as moving out, but it is easier and can be done whilst I live at home. Even though I really want to move out of the country.
New languages
There are a BUNCH of languages I wanna learn. I’m currently trying to learn two, and I’m not going to reveal them yet because I honestly haven’t been taking it seriously for the past few weeks. I’m self teaching with whatever resources I can find, and I know the best method of learning is to immerse yourself, to converse in said languages, but I am plagued with social anxiety. I’m not about to take a course. Yet. I can’t even speak to people in English, let alone another language… we’ll see what happens when I take a trip to the countries of said languages. One of them is German, you got me.
So those are my priorities at the moment, I guess. I’m working on a few things (or should be working on them) and I’ve also got a reading list to get through. But those aren’t really the ones people wanna hear..

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