My eyes jolted open as I felt a strong, tight grip around my neck. I could not breathe and it seems I waited too long to try and move, for something prevented it. I was awake, but I could not control my body. Have my years of believing that I would never be touched by something supernatural betrayed me?  My room, already pitch black due to the unforgiving hour and lack of moonlight for where my room was located, was swarming with the blackest shadows darker than pitch black and someone, somebody, something, all of them making the most chilling noises from a mouth or from movement, I dare not even question. Am I dealing with something unlike myself or anyone around me and visible to the world? What is this? I have no time for questions, I can’t breathe.
First, silently, for I would rather nobody woke up and saw this. I became torn between looking for a way out of its grip, and clenching my eyes shut and childishly hoping for it to go away, but the thing, keeping its everlasting and tightening grip on my neck was seemingly sitting on my chest and legs and arms, restricting my breath and depriving me of any movement whatsoever, leading me to choose the former. I kept my eyes open, at the same time trying to avoid looking at what I could not even see. A chill, ridiculously strong feeling of evil had surrounded the entire room, the black shadows emitting ghoulish, deep sounds, banging on the air and sending shrill ringing into my ears. But nobody had come to my room. I gave up, I shouted as I tried to escape the grip of it, however nothing escaped my lips but what sounded to me like the raspy whispering from somebody with a voice long gone. I could see it laughing, but at the same time I could see nothing. I could feel it laughing? It felt less like I was being held down, but more like it had cast a spell on me, freezing my entire body whilst still sitting on my chest, squeezing my neck. I continued to attempt to scream and shout nevertheless, only managing to move one of my toes on each foot, then two, three, four all of them. But that’s all. The noises became louder, sounding like a chorus of demons performing a ritual in a circle around me, and my struggle became larger and all I could try my luck at was praying the evil away. So I prayed whilst still screaming, hoping that somehow a noise would escape my mouth at least and scare the thing away, or somebody would hear and help me. And the noises got louder and it wasn’t working, I felt myself descending into something, falling
Screaming in an empty room, I quickly slapped my hand around my mouth to abruptly stop any remaining noise that I was unwillingly making. Wait I was able to bring my hand up.  I looked around. I could make out the dresser, almost, and my reflection. I looked at the time and dropped my head back onto my pillow. It happened again.

Thought I’d do a post about sleep paralysis. This is what it is like for me. Simply put, without the medical jargon, sleep paralysis  is when YOU are awake, but your body hasn’t woken up yet, therefore causing a feeling that you are trapped inside your body. The NHS says that “about 6% of the population will experience at least one episode during their lifetime” which is annoying because it’s happened to me about 6 times now. Sleep enough and regularly and you should be fine, it has only really happened to me if I was losing a significant amount of sleep or I was extremely stressed.
FYI if you are ever experiencing sleep paralysis and you want out, do wiggle ya toes, it helps.
FYI #2 I didn’t edit this, I just wrote it and posted it so I apologise if its crap. I’ll review it later.

“Sleep, those little slices of death – how I loathe them.” 
– Edgar Allen Poe

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