Social Media – part one.

Wow. A Muslim woman set on fire. GBBO being switched to Channel 4. 34 degree September days in London. Jane Austen is going to be on the new £10 note. So many relevant things to rant about!
But I’m going to talk about something that’s always relevant to rant about. And that is social media. As you can tell, this is a pretty long topic to talk about, hence why I’ve split it into two parts. Tune in for part 2 in a few days…
Let’s begin.
The thing about social media is that it’s a very big, defining part of our generation. We’ve been the group of people lucky enough to grow up through the rise of social media, helping old people work their way around twitter, ourselves evolving from embarrassingly over-exposed selfies, to ones with perfect lighting that capture all that glow on your cheekbone, perfected by that damn flower crown filter. What is filed away in the ‘photography’ folder is actually an app that one has used to post photos of themselves. What was a way to share witty 140 character sentences has turned into a way for people to promote themselves and speak about things that strongly contradict their real life character.
At first, social media was new and exciting, and it was a choice. At first, we used myspace and bebo (cringe at both of those) to share our favourite music and movies, and to order our top friends in light of how many fights we had that week. Now, it seems like everybody is sucked into the phenomenon. And instead of sharing hobbies and finding friends with similar interests, we’re broadcasting ourselves for other people to be interested in… ourselves. And I’m not talking romantically.
About a year ago I posted something about instagram, specifically, things I hate about instagram. Over the past few months it’s been getting views, and I’m not sure why… but it has prompted me to do a brand new updated one. This time I want to talk about more than instagram, and it is the poison that is social media as a whole. I don’t disagree with social media, as it’s a great way to connect with people, be it friends, family or career networking.  It’s a great way to promote your blog or business.
The way it’s used by the majority, however, unsettles me. I’ll break it down for you.

Muslims and social media

Let’s start simple with something that only recently has stopped simmering at the top of my head. In other words, let me get this out of the way. I mean, I could talk about hijabi beauty bloggers all day, but right now that shockingly isn’t what annoys me the most. Posting un-Islamic clothing, acting non-Muslim on social media in order to ‘integrate’, calling it a “breakthrough” in inspiring young Muslim girls and dispelling Islamophobia, and then saying “I’m not a role model, I’m not saying copy me” or “I’m not a perfect Muslim”. If you’re famous FOR being a ‘breakthrough’ Muslim, then it matters. Social media is literally for broadcasting your life on, whether it’s the truth or a lie.
A while ago, a youtuber/instagrammer posted a video stating that she had given up beauty blogging in order to become closer to Allah. She removed most (or all, I don’t remember) of her youtube videos, cleaned up her instagram and completely changed the way she dressed, and hijabi fashionistas gave her shit for it. I don’t know this girl but I was so happy to see that, as were many others. But still, there remained the few that took to twitter and called her a hypocrite because she was apparently condemning beauty bloggers for doing the thing she used to do. Except she wasn’t, she was just talking about why she changed. And she was right in everything she was saying. If any Muslim could possibly have anything bad to say about it, it’s due to envy and bitter jealousy.
Honestly, if anything, it just goes to show how a lot of people who use social media can honestly be so thick and ignorant.


I’m not like other girls. I’m crazy
*posts picture of something sexual* “I really need this right now
My future husband is going to be treated like a king idc
(4 years later)
My future husband is going to be treated like a king idc
My future wife better be ready for constant affection and to be showered with gifts
I’m going to take so many pictures of my girl she’s going to get sick of it
I’m going to cook for my man every morning, you girls that don’t do that are so ungrateful
And yet where is this woman/man you talk about?
If you want to use social media for dating, then do so discreetly. Not by advertising yourself. Claiming you’re different from other girls and guys makes you look stupid, and, unfortunately, actually makes you the same. You really wanna be different? Get off social media and do your own thing without worrying about making sure people see how great you are.


Is great. I like snapchat. I’m busy, my friends are busy, we stay in constant contact through snapchat. An ugly photo with an insulting message is sure to keep any friendship alive, and it is truly a groundbreaking app. But let’s talk about the filters briefly. The ugly filters are fine, they’re fun and they’re funny. But, specifically, let’s talk about the flower crown and the dog filter.. The ‘pretty filters’. They make us look good. The filters that show you a ‘prettier’ version of you, as if confirming that you yourself are, in, fact, very flawed. Let’s slim down those features, widen those eyes, lighten that skin, lighten those eyes, arch those brows, lengthen but then also shrink that chin and- perfect!
And then suddenly thousands of girls will never feel as pretty as when they do with that filter. And then they’ll only take pictures with filters and editing apps that make them look good [i.e completely different to how they look in real life], and thus the ‘catfish’ exists.

So this post is just the tip of the ice berg, I’m just getting the smaller, arguably less important parts of this rant out there first. Next time will be the bulk of it.

People are trying to perfect a perfect version of themselves on the internet, someone who looks happy, well travelled, beautiful. Social media will have you believing that a hoe is actually a respectable girl, that a dickhead knows how to treat a woman. It’ll have you believing that a straight little nerd is taking drugs they don’t even know about, and that the guy with a yacht and 5 cars is happy and living the dream.

Tune in next time for how social media feeds narcissism and destroys self esteem. I can’t wait to ferociously type about this.

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