Sod off with your pronouns

I’d just like to announce that we’ve had a healthy baby boy! He was born earlier today and weighs-

“UM WOW. Declaring his gender before he’s even decided what to be. How do you know he wants to be a boy? I think you mean a healthy baby *male. Wow.”


How DARE you refer to me as ‘she’. I didn’t tell you I was a girl. My pronouns are ‘they/them‘”

Maybe I’ll get hate for this. Whilst I try to remain diplomatic in all things controversial, I can’t mask my strong opinions. Now that Caitlyn Jenner [post about it later] has gained a lot of awareness for the trans community, there’s a sudden explosion of people everywhere throwing away their gender. I think sooner or later application forms will have the option of

– man
– woman
– man but a woman on tuesdays
– women but I’m going to become a fully fledged man next year

I mean, for those transgenders who are committed to fully transitioning [which, as far as I know, is haram, unless you’re a hermaphrodite …? Someone clarify…], cool. Do you. I have no problem with transgenders who are just trying to improve their own quality of life without disrupting anybody else’s and without blaming anybody else for anything. But I’m seeing people who would normally identify as cis-gendered suddenly claim that nobody has the right to refer to them as ‘her’. Bitch, let me tell you a thing.
If you look like a woman, people will refer to you as she/her. Get your whiny teenaged tumblr head out of your ass and stop getting fake-mad that people aren’t respecting your ‘pronouns’. If you look like a woman, IT IS HUMAN NATURE TO IDENTIFY YOU AS A WOMAN. As human beings, the flesh machinery that we are, we are programmed to identify a woman or a man as just that. If, for some god forsaken reason, you suddenly, at 20 years old, decide you want to be a different gender, go ahead. But don’t expect people to know that. If you are a girl who acts like a girl, looks like a girl and dresses like a girl, if you are a girl who has been a girl for the past 20 years, there’s no way in hell I’m referring to you as ‘him’ tomorrow. The ‘real’ transgenders I speak of just want to be free and quietly transition, knowing that binaries and sex-assigned genders are the default. Then there are the idiots who want the world to change what we’ve known since humans have been around.
There are too many ‘woke’ people on the internet who are so ‘woke’ to what they believe to be society’s constraints that they’ve become nothing but egomaniacs. This constructivist school of thought was once legitimate. Now, it is ridiculous. This ‘system’ that you speak of. This ‘system’ that tries to force a gender upon you and enslave you by doing so is NOT A SYSTEM. IT’S US. IT’S THE WAY WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN!!! IT’S YOUR FAMILY, YOUR ANCESTORS AND MANY GENERATIONS BEFORE US!!! GET! YOUR! HEAD! OUT! OF! YOUR! ASS! YOUR SHIT AIN’T SPECIAL! It’s not the system. Sure, certain attributes are applied to the sexes, and they have become the norm, but it ultimately comes down to biological reasoning. I guess what I’m trying to say is gender isn’t a social construct.
Gender has been linked to sex since the beginning of time. We have literally always been male/man and female/woman since forever. Males and females have had different roles BECAUSE of our physical differences; the roles we have complement these differences, and I cannot fathom as to why so many ignorant people can’t grasp such a simple idea.  As much as feminists hate to admit what is scientifically proven, men ARE generally physically stronger than women. And no, I’m not talking about the skinny gamer boy vs the bodybuilding girl. Higher levels of testosterone ARE linked to what we would perceive to be ‘masculine’ behaviour. I say feminists because it’s usually feminists that like to complain…. not everybody is out to get you, darling. These roles that we have aren’t limited to humans. It’s ALL species. You think animals are going to start coming out as trans? A lion is going to decide to be a lioness? What in the hell?
Some days, I feel like the human race is rapidly deteriorating. We should have kept some things a little more primal, the jungle isn’t fucked up like we are. Society has only gotten into the heads of the ‘woke’ who think everyone is out to suddenly entrap them. If you suddenly decided to change your gender just because you wanted to be a different one, then say that. Don’t drag anybody else into your bullshit. Transgenders who are actually suffering and who actually feel oppressed don’t bitch like the ‘woke’ do. Everybody suddenly wants to be something else and blames society for the fact that they couldn’t think for themselves years ago. Everyday, people are finding new ways to call themselves enslaved.
So congratulations. You are actively seeking to be a slave of the system that you claim to have escaped! And the end is nigh.
– k.

Note: I believe that people who are transgender should not be attacked or bullied in any way. Like many things, although it goes against what I believe in, it is something that I simply accept and tolerate; unless it is influencing people around me, it does not affect me in any way. The topic of Muslim transgenders was not discussed here, and such a post, should I write one, might shed more light on my attitude towards the issue. On the topic of trans-friendly bathrooms, however,  I am not comfortable with this at all. 

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  1. Good post. Totally agree, some people try to change everything – Somethings need to be kept in place!

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