Someone's out there sending out flares

Everyone needs someone.
And no, not romance.
I don’t want to make promises and hear promises
and shit that won’t last.
I just want a person to connect with when its 2am and I feel like shit.
And they feel like shit.
So we can both feel like shit together and cancel it
out, so by the end of it
neither of us feels like shit.
Until then, I’ll continue to write.

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4 thoughts on “Someone's out there sending out flares

  1. A few things that will help you feel better at 2AM because I’ve been there.
    When you wake up in the middle of the night with terrible thoughts circling your head, realize them, acknowledge them.
    1) Interrupt Mantra
    Then, use what I call the ‘Interrupt Mantra.’ Pick a word, I use ‘cancel’ and keep repeating that in out loud. Repeat it as many times as necessary, for as loud as you want. Eventually the word itself will mean nothing, but your thought will disappear.
    2) Book an appointment
    Negative thoughts seem to erupt when bodies are at rest. It’s when the mind feels most safe to rear its’ ugly head. Realize the time of the night. It keeps reoccurring at this time. You are not this person. You are K. K in the morning is stronger than the K in the night.
    Mentally tell yourself, I will deal with all these thoughts tomorrow, at 2PM. But right now, I’m going to bed. When 2PM rolls around the next day, you will realize how trivial those thoughts were.
    I hope you feel better.

    1. You are incredible… these comments have improved my night significantly. I’m definitely going to try that interrupt mantra. Thank you so much

      1. If you need anything, please reach out. I’ll gladly try and help in any way possible. We’re all on this Earth to help and love and share. Some people just happen to forget that. Don’t lose hope.

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