Sonnet 18, or an ode to benzos

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate
Thou calmest me most
When thou art blue –
Like the sky that houses the sun.
Ah the sun; so warming, joyful, happy
But sometimes scorching all my worries
Burning them down to ashes
Their fumes wafting their way back into me;
Like a phoenix, the ashes resurrect,
Bursting upwards from the ground
And slapping me straight in the goddamn face
As the summer reminds me;
you must be happy.

But no sun can dry up all my fears
The way you can.
No breezy morning, no light showers
Can gently nudge me into happiness
The way you can.
No icy roads and snowy pavements
Can dampen my mood
When I have you to lift me up.
When I’m laying down in bed
or sprawled across the floor
Pulling at my hair because I can’t do this
You save me, like a healer
You pick out all my angst
And melt it all away
I even try to be pissed off
But I literally can’t! You have your way!
O valium
You will always have a place in my bag
Come whatever may.

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