Things 2016 taught me

2016 was a shitty year. I’ve had some of the best days of my life, and some terrible ones. The world has seen a political shitstorm and many lives have been taken. Changes have occurred, and some people are depressed because they have realised they’re exactly the same person they were 12 months ago. People have come and people have gone. Well, not for me. But for some.
This was a weird transition into the new year for me.
So, instead of lamenting over things that went wrong, things that I want to keep in 2016, and simply remembering specific events, I’m going to think about what I want to take with me into this year. I’m – gasp – actually celebrating it for once.
Here are the things I’ve learnt, and the things that I realised are important.
1] Priorities
You should never be torn between the most important thing in your life and something that pales in comparison. If you are torn, then both of those things are as important as each other. Going to that get-together on Saturday might seem important to your social life right now, but in 10 years, will it matter if you gained a better social standing at the expense of getting a first in that exam, or keeping the person you love happy? The answer is no. Put things into perspective. Read more

Battering ram

2016 was a bit of a shitstorm, to say the least. And we’re either going to let this asshole of a year barge its way into 2017, or we can say our farewells and leave it behind.
December is the transition month, and thankfully it tries so hard to round our shitty years off on a good note. Here’s to appreciating all the work December does for us, you da real MVP.
1. Christmas
Obviously. Christmas lights in London give me all the feels. Christmas movies, Christmas jumpers, Christmas music in Tesco, Christmas drinks everywhere. Although to be honest the Starbucks eggnog latte is horrendous. Don’t buy it.
2. Cold, wind and rain
Bad weather means you have an excuse to stay indoors and say no to everybody who wants to go out. But some of us genuinely like the rain and an all round dark atmosphere, whether we’re goths or we like that it increases the cozy factor. Or both. Thanks Winter. But no thanks for the 5am ice scraping. And please, no snow.
3. Big Fat Quiz of the year
Honestly, it’s the best thing about winter and I look forward to it all year.
4. Boxing day sales
Because?????? Waking up on a cold morning, no work to do, no commitments, just open up your laptop and start buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have. Or, if you’re an animal, you can leave your house and slither through the smallest gaps in Westfield like the rat that you are. That was mean. I hate clothes shopping, and clothes shopping on boxing day is the fourth circle of hell. Read more

Today is a day.

Hello. New years are a time of reflection and turning over a new leaf, “new year, new -” no I’m kidding, New Years don’t mean a thing to me. Time is a man made concept and is  just a way to group together all the sunrises and sunsets and everything in between, simply for an easy way to recall memories and make plans. I therefore do not see a new calendar as the ending of one period of time and the start of another. My life is continuous, not made up of discrete units thank you, and until you create a physical door for me to shut out all of the previous year, I’ll continue to live as such.
But having said that, it’s a great way for people to reflect on the previous year; what changes have occurred and what has stayed the same, what friends you have lost, known by the number of “Happy new year” texts you receive from unsaved numbers (fortunately I’m too much of a loner for that to happen to myself). But to me, January the 1st is just another day and I don’t do any more reflecting than I would do on a normal day. But I hope you all stayed safe and didn’t do anything stupid on the last day of 2015, and if you have new years resolutions, I hope you stick to them! I don’t have any, I don’t plan to do anything differently except uni-related things that are only in place because of the new semester, rather than the new year. I want to do things because I feel it is the right time to do them, or because I have  the will and the means to – not because of a promise I made to 2016! Anyway, moving on from my gloominess.
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