After all you're not my type [Books I'll never finish]

I get an influx of followers and then writers block decides to hit me bad! Amazing. But here I am, being the literary person I am and talking about books. Books that I hate. Books that I want to love. Books that I love but can’t finish. As my bookshelf grows, the percentage of unread books increases. And every now and then, my eye will catch a particular novel that I’ve tried, tried, and tried again to read, and just couldn’t. It haunts me.
Let’s talk about my bedroom for a sec. Oo er. I had books spilling out of my cupboard, falling off my desk, on the floor, in the corner, under the bed. Everywhere. Since then a lot of them have been moved to a sickasfrick bookshelf, which means I have more space for when I buy more books that I don’t intend to ever read!
I’ll show you my setup one day. It’s pretty weird for a blogger. No minimalism, no clean fresh look, no millennial pink. No candles, succulents, or quotes. Just a poster of Senna and a framed Patrick Bateman. That’s me. An improvement after a wall plastered with Kerrang and Metal Hammer pages, and various posters from HMV and Camden Market. But I digress. Again. Here are a bunch of books I’ve never been able to finish; please bear in mind that I am a Chuck Palahniuk girl through and through, so cut me some slack when I’m unable to finish a romance. Thanks, let’s begin x
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Things to love about Autumn

Daddy longlegs season is upon us and I am traumatised every single day. I can’t wait until those horrible craney strings of fly death wither away because I spend the majority of September screaming.
Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I am extremely sensitive to drastic weather changes, and for that reason I hate Summer. I can wrap up in the winter, but in the summer? What can I do, rip off my skin? And I can’t think of anything worse than sweltering summer nights. I don’t care if it’s 40 degrees at 3am, I need a blanket.
I hate that everybody gets sick in the Winter and I have to live as if the next person could breathe a little too close to me and BAM runny nose and pounding headache for the next two weeks. Come to think of it, everybody in my house is sneezing at the moment. It’s only a matter of time.
Spring probably has to be the worst. I hate liars. I hate water that’s lying about being milk. I hate Winter that’s lying about being Summer. -50 degrees, sun out. Frozen tears, but if I move 2 inches to the left, the sun is burning my back. What’s the point in the cold when we don’t get the early nights either? I hate spring.
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What I’m Reading [July]

I’m hoping there are other people like me, because I am an idiot. Throughout my first two years of university I, once an avid bookworm and arguable favourite of the English literature department at school, began to loathe reading. I even subscribed to TWO analysis websites [yes, I paid for them] just so I wouldn’t have to actually read the books and do any work. And then I realised that we actually had to do work in preparation for class, so I just didn’t turn up. What a role model I am.
Anyway, I’ve always been a stubborn mule and the summer holidays are proof of this, because I’m now currently reading four different books. Or I was at the time of writing this.
It’s like this: tell me to do it and I won’t. I’ll do it if and when I want. The books that I’m currently reading are WILDLY different to each other, and I like to do this so that I can move onto something different; when non-fiction gets too heavy I can move onto gothic to give me a drastically different setting, and then onto crime to bring me nicely back into the real world. Here’s what I’m reading.
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Part time love just brings me down

So I found something and immediately wanted to share it with someone, so here it is. During my usual procrastination fuelled internet binge, I found a bunch of the most adorable  pictures/illustrations and THEY ARE ALL ME. I have never related to cartoons so much. (Except for the vegetarian one….looks like we’re having steak every day for the next two weeks).

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I'm allergic to the outdoors

I don’t feel like posting anything intense right now as I feel extremely run down and my brain isn’t really working… so I thought I’d do something short, easy going and useless.
An explanation for the title of this post: I finally went out today and I’m ill. Probably. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to spend another day in my room? Who knows. I never go out. I mean never. Unless you count coffee shops that are 30 seconds away from my house, and I really need to suck it up if I am to watch Star Wars. The furthest I ever go, however, would be Waterstones, aka my safe haven. If I ever feel down, I go to Waterstones. If I ever want to leave my house, I go to Waterstones. If I ever feel like spending money in an actual store (as opposed to online, which is where 98% of my spending is done), I go to Waterstones. If I ever go anywhere more than 30 minutes away from my house (excluding uni), it is Waterstones. I like being around books and I like buying books (but don’t ask me how often I read the books that I buy. I have an overflowing bookshelf full of unread books). I am fully aware that there are MUCH cheaper options; I only buy a book from Waterstones if it’s no more than a couple pounds than on Amazon or somewhere, OR if it’s a special copy. Saying that, however, I am a total Waterstones fanboy. I could spend hours in there and I feel much better going to a store and buying a book than I do ordering it. Plus I have to really think about it before buying it. Amazon one-click will be the death of my bank account. Waterstones employees are great, too. Shout out to the cashier who struck up conversation about my Bateman lock screen today….let’s go.
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