It’s like asking a fish to teach you how to fly.
1. Mentally prepare for your day the night before.
Get into bed at least 15 minutes before you think you need to just so you can relax and plan what you need to do tomorrow until you doze off. Sure, you can write it down, but sometimes we don’t have time for that. Sometimes, we are tired.
2. Drink a lot of water.
I mean a LOT. Get a glass Voss bottle because a) it’s slim, b) it feels like a vase so technically you’re a beautiful flower and c) it’s not made of that shady plastic that is secreting carcinogenic substances into your liquid. Anyway, it’s not the water that is stress-relieving. It’s going to pee and seeing that IT LOOKS LIKE WATER ALSO.
3. Listen to music.
And it CAN’T be even remotely about love. That is stressful. It has to be about real life shit. Listen to System of a Down. Underground rap. OR listen to Hybrid Theory-era Linkin Park. Nothing de-stresses you like listening to somebody who is MORE stressed out than you. Read more