Battering ram

2016 was a bit of a shitstorm, to say the least. And we’re either going to let this asshole of a year barge its way into 2017, or we can say our farewells and leave it behind.
December is the transition month, and thankfully it tries so hard to round our shitty years off on a good note. Here’s to appreciating all the work December does for us, you da real MVP.
1. Christmas
Obviously. Christmas lights in London give me all the feels. Christmas movies, Christmas jumpers, Christmas music in Tesco, Christmas drinks everywhere. Although to be honest the Starbucks eggnog latte is horrendous. Don’t buy it.
2. Cold, wind and rain
Bad weather means you have an excuse to stay indoors and say no to everybody who wants to go out. But some of us genuinely like the rain and an all round dark atmosphere, whether we’re goths or we like that it increases the cozy factor. Or both. Thanks Winter. But no thanks for the 5am ice scraping. And please, no snow.
3. Big Fat Quiz of the year
Honestly, it’s the best thing about winter and I look forward to it all year.
4. Boxing day sales
Because?????? Waking up on a cold morning, no work to do, no commitments, just open up your laptop and start buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have. Or, if you’re an animal, you can leave your house and slither through the smallest gaps in Westfield like the rat that you are. That was mean. I hate clothes shopping, and clothes shopping on boxing day is the fourth circle of hell. Read more

Merry Christmas, kiss my ass

Hey everyone,
So an issue I want to briefly discuss is the idea of Muslims ‘celebrating’ Christmas. First of all, as a Muslim you can’t celebrate Christmas of course, that is the birth of Christ, or ‘God’. For any non Muslim who doesn’t know, Jesus exists in Islam as Prophet Isa (as), and he is NOT God,  or the son of God and we don’t know his birth date. So, given this, we should definitely NOT celebrate Christmas. I do, however, have a slight problem with Muslims saying we shouldn’t wish Christians a Merry Christmas or allow anything Christmassy near us, as apparently it means we condone the reasons for this celebration.
When a customer or anyone says ‘have a good Christmas’, I instinctively say ‘you too’. It’s NOT because I believe that Jesus is the son of God and that December the 25th is the day of his birth.  When people wish me a happy Easter and I say ‘you too’, it’s NOT because I believe Jesus was resurrected after being crucified (he wasn’t). It is simply out of respect for their faith – it makes me so happy when non-Muslims  wish me a happy Eid and I know that they don’t have the same beliefs as me, I admire them even more just because of that. They’re simply doing it out of an act of kindness. Why should I stand there and lecture someone who just tried to be nice? Save that for another time.
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