The Versatile Blogger Award

Yes, you read that right. All that time spent indoors and trying to create a semblance of an online presence. God loves ugly x

Sooooo I was nominated by Abbie (who is so hecking nice, follow her on everything right now) for the Versatile Blogger Award and seeing that made me go ‘!!!!!’.
I’m really, really picky with everything in life. Just like generally. I’m picky with what I wear, with who I talk to, with the movies I watch. I’m not picky with food tho. Don’t ever ask me where I want to eat because I don’t know!!! I DON’T KNOW!!!!! I AM A FAT GANNET I’LL EAT ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
I am also picky with the things that I read; if I don’t like the writing style or the content is too uniform and boring, I’ll just never visit that blog again. Soz. So listen to me when I tell you to check out Abbie’s blog: I love her writing style and really look forward to reading what she posts next. I’m probably gonna have a go at those body scrubs cos ain’t nobody got time to throw £500 at Lush.
I never knew about the ‘blogger community’ until Twitter, and I’ve learnt that this is one that involves support and positivity. It’s so much nicer than catty, bitchy competitiveness that you see everywhere (amongst girls, really). Hopefully more guys get into blogging; it’s cooler than you think. Everyone is cool. Nobody tears anybody down. And that’s exactly what this award about. I suppose I’m a ‘versatile’ blogger in that I’m a dumb idiot who doesn’t have a theme and instead vomits out all the shit that lies in my head. Oops.
Anyway. So I gotta give you seven facts about myself. This is “let’s go around the room and say something interesting about ourselves”, isn’t it? Alright.

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10 'interesting' facts about myself.

*talks about the narcissism of people who take videos of themselves and upload selfies*
*posts 10 facts about themselves as if anybody cares*
Although, let’s be honest. Even if it’s a stranger or a blog you’ve literally just stumbled across, everybody likes to read random facts about someone. You have the really boring ones, like “my favourite colour is ____” and “my birthday is on ____” and you just think…why? What makes you think anybody is interested in that kind of information? It’s like… you’re giving people information about you without giving them an insight into what kind of person you are. That’s boring. But then you have the people who are like “I killed a man when I was 5” and “I have a recurring dream where I’m killing a man”.
I prefer giving people a little insight whilst also withholding vital information that allows one to think they know me. I’m fun at parties* (*I don’t go to parties).
I also, for some godforsaken reason, blog the post when I have approaching deadlines.

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