My 500 Words, Day 3: Get up early

I woke up at 9something am this morning, which isn’t ‘early’ for most, but it’s early for me on a day that I don’t have uni or work. I woke up first because my phone was ringing, but since I never pick up phonecalls, I left it. They can leave a message if it’s important, or they can call 3 more times. But then the house phone rang, and let me tell you something about my mum.
SHE CAN’T LIE TO PEOPLE WHEN THEY ASK FOR ME. She never called in school for me when I was sort of sick, so my dad did it in his white man voice. She will always ask someone if they want to speak to me on the phone next when I’m in the room, even though I CLEARLY say no. And this morning was no different. Happily thinking I’d avoided a phonecall, I almost fall back asleep, but then I hear the house phone, followed by my mother saying “yes, hold on please” over footsteps, and I could only clear my throat as hard as I could hoping to God that my silent slumber wouldn’t prevent me from speaking. My mother comes into my room, WAKES ME UP and shoves a phone in my face. And then I have to speak with my croaky-ass just woke up voice and a brain that hasn’t even stirred yet, so I have no idea of what I’m saying. On the phone was my dentist calling to ask if everything is okay after my appointment yesterday [how cute]. A 10 second phonecall, but because they were just so nice I wasn’t mad.
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