Shoulda known better not to fuck with you

Don’t try to save the boy
who is clinging onto you,
desperate for air that only you can provide.
Don’t try to save the boy
who drags you underwater
whilst trying to get above you;
“I need you” he says
“you’re the only person who can save me” he says
without even moving his feet.
He will poison the water
as you are dragged under it.
In all his joy to be able to breathe sweet air again
he will shake off the girl trying to grab onto his ankles.
If he tells you you deserve better than him,
he’s right.
Let go
You can’t save somebody who doesn’t want to be saved.
– k.

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Tell me how you feel over and done with

I will not cling to the cuffs of your jeans
or be dragged along by the back of your shirt
by the thread hanging off your sleeve.
A small gust of wind
will blow me away
and slam all my doors.
Let me crawl into your skin and make my home
so the only way you can make me leave
is if you tear yourself open.
Show me to my home
and I will give you the key
to yours.
– k.

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Who says I can't get stoned, plan a trip to Japan alone?

“Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created.”
I think I’m way too old for my age, but I guess at least that means I’m less likely to have a mid-life crisis. The scariest thing to me, though, is knowing that when I’m 80 years old, if I live to be that old, my mind won’t be altered much. Being my current self trapped in a frail, weak old body is a terrifying inevitable truth that I have to prepare for. Being unable to go to the places I want and do the things I want to do all whilst knowing that death is creeping closer and closer to me. NOPE.

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