Everything she do is for the media

Unpopular opinion: personality matters more than looks

Unpopular opinion: murder is bad

Unpopular opinion: water is wet

Sorry, just highlighting all the unpopular opinions I’ve seen just to emphasise that what I’m about to bitch about is… apparently an actual unpopular opinion.

Contrary to the beliefs of countless people I’ve had the misfortune of reading about, what you show online is, in fact, a reflection of you.

Of course it fucking is. What you write online, what you post online, what you do online is all you. Of your self, of your behaviour, of your way of thinking, or, if you’re faking it, of your mental age. Particularly in an era where the internet has such a central role in our lives; we are literally the age of the internet… we are the age of meme. We are more ourselves online than we are in real life. We spend so much time on our computers and phones that we’ve been cultivating our online persona, consequently allowing the personality  within our real, material, flesh prisons to remain stagnant. No wonder we all have anxiety now and can only communicate in (obsolete) vine references.
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Anywhere I go I make the gang go [Wales journal]

PSA: My heart belongs to North Wales. This is a long overdue post.
I always say I hate the shithole in which I live, but that I would never leave London unless I was going to Finland/somewhere in Scandinavia. Well, except I ABSOLUTELY WOULD!!!! To North Wales.
The last time we went to south Wales everybody was racist, so bye.
I love Snowdonia. I love Conwy. I love Llandudno. I love the people, the accent, the air. I am not a people person really, but everyone here is so nice!!! I love it!! It makes me wanna be a better person. I love that nobody litters. That actually warmed my cold, dead (joking, it’s warm, bloody, and very much beating) heart. I didn’t see that many bins, but nobody threw anything on the floor (except a couple banana skins on the mountain, hashtag slow release energy). I love that everywhere you go, you can see mountains. I love all the streams and I love that there are sheep literally EVERYWHERE. I’m not a beach person. But I am a mountain person. I am definitely a free-roaming-animals-in-the-street person.
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Be in the moment, always

I had a rant on my snapchat a couple of days ago, and it’s one that I want to expand on.
I used to take photos, all the time, at every chance I got. I was like an excitable dog, whipping out my phone to take a photo whenever I was really happy or I was with someone who made me happy or I saw something that made me happy. I used to write at every chance I got. I wanted to shout about everything to the world, because a writer has so much to say and wants to say it always. In words and in photos, for when words aren’t enough. A writer has an overwhelming desire to express themselves and have it known. Because even you’re not the happiest, you see the words and the photos and everything is kind of okay again. I used to snap away and post it everywhere I could. I look through my phone at photos I used to take and it just reminds me of a time when I was happier. Because that’s what I did. I took pictures. I wrote. I was a writer. That’s who I was.
But then I deleted everything. I deleted tumblr, and I stopped getting the urge to write and post. I deleted Instagram and I stopped taking photos, I stopped feeling excited enough to take out my phone, I stopped forcing people into my memories, I started to hate how I looked. I deleted Facebook and I became alienated from my family and the only way I stay in touch with my friends is through snapchat.
I talk about social media like it’s the devil, but the truth is it’s not. We live in a generation where social media is so prominent, so to tell you that it’s poison is wrong. If you have instagram, indulge. If you have tumblr, indulge. If you have Facebook, indulge. We are the social media generation, and if you grew up with social media, it’s almost unspeakable to suddenly get rid of it. Ghost when you’re happy, when your life is set up. Not when you still have growing up to do. Have a break every now and then to gain perspective. As long as your entire life isn’t social media, it’s fine. As long as you’re not using it to compare your life with others, it’s fine.
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Social media – part two.

People are trying to perfect a perfect version of themselves on the internet, someone who looks happy, well travelled, beautiful. Social media will have you believing that a hoe is actually a respectable girl, that a dickhead knows how to treat a woman. It’ll have you believing that a straight little nerd is taking drugs they don’t even know about, and that the guy with a yacht and 5 cars is happy and living the dream.
I touched on the minor aspects of social media in the last post, but I’m about to get into the better part of it. In a nutshell, an addiction to social media makes people miserable or narcissistic. Probably both.
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Social Media – part one.

Wow. A Muslim woman set on fire. GBBO being switched to Channel 4. 34 degree September days in London. Jane Austen is going to be on the new £10 note. So many relevant things to rant about!
But I’m going to talk about something that’s always relevant to rant about. And that is social media. As you can tell, this is a pretty long topic to talk about, hence why I’ve split it into two parts. Tune in for part 2 in a few days…
Let’s begin.
The thing about social media is that it’s a very big, defining part of our generation. We’ve been the group of people lucky enough to grow up through the rise of social media, helping old people work their way around twitter, ourselves evolving from embarrassingly over-exposed selfies, to ones with perfect lighting that capture all that glow on your cheekbone, perfected by that damn flower crown filter. What is filed away in the ‘photography’ folder is actually an app that one has used to post photos of themselves. What was a way to share witty 140 character sentences has turned into a way for people to promote themselves and speak about things that strongly contradict their real life character.
At first, social media was new and exciting, and it was a choice. At first, we used myspace and bebo (cringe at both of those) to share our favourite music and movies, and to order our top friends in light of how many fights we had that week. Now, it seems like everybody is sucked into the phenomenon. And instead of sharing hobbies and finding friends with similar interests, we’re broadcasting ourselves for other people to be interested in… ourselves. And I’m not talking romantically.
About a year ago I posted something about instagram, specifically, things I hate about instagram. Over the past few months it’s been getting views, and I’m not sure why… but it has prompted me to do a brand new updated one. This time I want to talk about more than instagram, and it is the poison that is social media as a whole. I don’t disagree with social media, as it’s a great way to connect with people, be it friends, family or career networking.  It’s a great way to promote your blog or business.
The way it’s used by the majority, however, unsettles me. I’ll break it down for you.
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Bleached out eyes from the valley sand

Hello you poor souls who are actually reading my blog,
I’m usually quite passionate when it come to politics and political climate. I have been known for both my apathy and my strong opinions (there is no in between), the latter of which has gotten me into trouble a couple times and the former of which has annoyed a lot of people. I guess there’s no pleasing everyone?
However the only thing stopping me from ranting about the multitude of problems occurring in the world right now is a lack of passion. Read more