So this day happened earlier this month.

‘If you are free to not wear hijab for one day then don’t wear hijab, in solidarity with with women without that freedom’

Poor grammar was replicated as it was in the original statement. Let’s just get straight into it.
Do I wear a scarf on my head as an accessory? A fashion statement? Do I wear this for fun, in that I just take it off whenever I want? Who are you, even?
I feel for the women who are forced to wear hijab, but that doesn’t mean I should take mine off. As if when I take it off, other women magically gain freedom. Even if they did, I still wouldn’t.
Wearing hijab should be a choice, but it’s also obligatory in Islam. Why should another woman take hers off in ‘solidarity’.
Hijab is more than just a cloth on your head. It’s modesty, it’s your character and behaviour. Since you want to take it off in celebration of ‘no hijab day’, why don’t you spend the day being shitty to every single person you meet, brag about everything and just generally be a despicable human being. Remove your humbleness. Remove your good character. Remove your hijab.
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My 500 Words, Day 4: Learn to free write. [Brussels]

“Whoever kills a soul…it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely” [Quran, Surah Al-Ma’idah (5:32)]

So in light of the Brussels attack, which ISIS claim responsibility for, according to European  governments, I’ll just free write on what I always talk about. I could be a conspiracy theorist and talk about how European governments orchestrate these attacks themselves on weak buildings and bomb-proof passports, claiming to KNOW it’s ISIS, just to wage another war on terror. But hopefully we should already know this. Does nobody find it funny that there’s an attack on EU central right before the upcoming EU referendum…? I mean Britain need to stay and assist their neighbours after this brutal attack and and create a strong Europe v Muslims ISIS, right? Assuming that ISIS itself does have an agenda, Ima tell you what this agenda is, and hopefully you should then see that, in fact, the Western governments are ISIS.

What the West AND ISIS want you to see
What the West AND ISIS want you to see [source]
First of all, ISIS is anything BUT Islamic, something I can’t believe people don’t know by now. And as much as the West likes to talk about how Islam is a problem, Muslims are violent and oppress their women, Muslims know nothing about human rights, Muslims are scary, blah bloody blah, let me take a split second to tell every one of you to do some thorough research on your corrupt and shitty governments, since too many of you are blind to the immoral greed they practice. The West creates Al Qaeda and ISIS but can’t handle them when it gets out of hand! You wanted to just create one small reason for the ‘war on terror’ but years later you fail to recognise that…you literally…created this….war…just to have a war….and now you don’t wanna deal with it….I cannot get over the extent to which these nations are willing to go to further their own interests and agendas. To the extent of harming their own people whilst pretending it’s an enemy, just to have an excuse to attack said enemy and anybody associated with their name? (I.e all Muslims). I’m not saying ISIS don’t have a goal. I’m saying the West is disgustingly exploiting this situation. Anyway.
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Serious post. [9/11]

Firstly, let me say RIP to all the lives lost on 9/11. Nobody can ever, or should try to justify anything, as a loss of life is a loss of life. However there is something that I’m going to say, and try to read it without thinking I’m negating anybody’s losses. I have a feeling this is going to be met with negativity.
It’s that time of year again. When a Muslim in New York dare not step foot out of their house for fear of being verbally or physically attacked. Ever since 9/11, something that Muslims weren’t even responsible for, we have all been made to suffer the consequences. To always be randomly selected, to be called terrorists, to be discriminated against at airports, the workplace, school. Anywhere at all. All of us suffer the consequences, and the western world have and will never let us forget, nor will they ever. Generations of Muslims after ours will continue to bear the brunt of something they did not do, face racism and hatred just for practising their faith, or for looking like they practice our faith. Nevertheless, let us remember that people want to believe that a few Muslims caused the destruction of the twin towers. They don’t believe that the entire Muslim population did this, but that a few Muslims were responsible for this one event – this, however, must surely mean that every single Muslim is a terrorist. Right?
But white people don’t want to take responsibility for their WHOLE RACE enslaving black people. This incident lasted more than a day, and what has come out of it? Generations of white people aren’t being treated badly because of this. No. All that came out of that is a black history month and the ability to appropriate black culture. As someone who is part of a group of people forced to take responsibility for something they were not a part of, and also as somebody who has a brain, I understand that generalising is wrong, and in no way do I think every white person must now be held responsible for slavery and for white powers invading and colonising pretty much the entire world. Nor must they be forced to face the consequences of their ancestors enforcing slavery and invading/colonising the entire world, which, fortunately for them, they don’t. I understand that it is deeply saddening for those who have lost family members in the attack. But most of the people chanting “never forget”, are suffering NO consequences whatsoever – I mean you’re talking about a country that was founded on genocide. It is innocent Muslims who have had to suffer the consequences of 9/11. From their parents forbidding them from wearing the compulsory hijab in case they get attacked, to struggling to make friends as a clueless 6 year old because parents of the other kids in their class didn’t want them hanging out with “our type”, to Muslim countries being bombed. 9/11 only changed American lives in that they now believe they need to fear Muslims.
So I have a question. Why is every single Muslim assumed a terrorist, but every single white person isn’t assumed to be part of the KKK? Why are we forgetting about the KKK? Why aren’t we shouting louder about racist American police? Why are we forgetting about Chapel Hill? Why are we treating slavery like it was one small mistake that should be forgiven already, left in the past? Why are we forgetting that Native Americans were killed, that black people were kept as slaves, in order to make the USA what it is today? Why are we forgetting that the USA has been and is still either bombing other countries and killing innocent Muslim civilians or is supporting a country who does?
I need answers.
– k.