Quiet is violent

Music has always been a massive part of my life.
I’m not saying that you should or shouldn’t listen to music. It’s always been something for me to turn to, to channel my creativity or find inspiration. As a literature student and ex-writer, music is the same as poetry – it sounds lame, but hear me out. I listen to it in the same way that I would read a poem or a novel, and for me, enjoying music is no different to enjoying a good book. To deprive me of music is to deprive me of writing.
Also, being the cynic that I am with nowhere to vent the shitstorm that occurs in my mind, music calms me and gives me the perspective that I so often need. I can’t say how many shitty nights I’ve had with nowhere to go, and opening up iTunes has turned my almost-massive breakdown into a smaller breakdown. I don’t wanna be one of those ‘music saved my life’ people, but it has helped me so many times in a way that no human being can. Only my cat came close but she’s probably dead somewhere now, soz Molly. It’s stupid to listen to a song and think YAS YOU REALLY GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ME YOU GET ME YOU GETTTTT ME!!! But, you know.
There are types of music that I can’t listen to without feeling sick – think Alex DeLarge. I will not listen to anybody who sings or raps about shit that doesn’t resonate with me or calm me or give me a positive/angry emotion. I can’t listen to songs that are even a tiny bit sexual. I cant listen to anything remotely misogynistic, I will lose my shit. I can’t listen to half the shit people are listening to. I would rather slit my wrists than listen to the Weeknd.
I listen to music when I’m writing, when I’m working out. I have to drive with music on because if I don’t, my mind will beat the fuck out of me and I’ll probably have an accident. The unfortunate truth.
I listen to the same genres I was listening to 10 years ago, and there are a bunch of songs that I turn to when things are really going shit. Right now the mood is ‘I’m ready to smack a bitch’, but I’m gonna keep it general. I’ve missed out so many, like the whole discography of Pierce the Veil and MCR. But maybe there’ll be a part 2.Here are a few of them.
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