So this day happened earlier this month.

‘If you are free to not wear hijab for one day then don’t wear hijab, in solidarity with with women without that freedom’

Poor grammar was replicated as it was in the original statement. Let’s just get straight into it.
Do I wear a scarf on my head as an accessory? A fashion statement? Do I wear this for fun, in that I just take it off whenever I want? Who are you, even?
I feel for the women who are forced to wear hijab, but that doesn’t mean I should take mine off. As if when I take it off, other women magically gain freedom. Even if they did, I still wouldn’t.
Wearing hijab should be a choice, but it’s also obligatory in Islam. Why should another woman take hers off in ‘solidarity’.
Hijab is more than just a cloth on your head. It’s modesty, it’s your character and behaviour. Since you want to take it off in celebration of ‘no hijab day’, why don’t you spend the day being shitty to every single person you meet, brag about everything and just generally be a despicable human being. Remove your humbleness. Remove your good character. Remove your hijab.
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Time to push, and we aint falling back now

I haven’t posted in a while, but I’d like to stay a little SHORT something on the Charlie Hebdo incident. Once again, as a Muslim, it is obviously my duty to apologize on behalf of Muslim extremists who actually have nothing to do with me and the teachings of the religion I follow, and I must do this in order to remind dumbass people that we aren’t a religion of absolute pieces of shit. *sarcasm bc I don’t have to explain shit. These people represent Islam just as much as the KKK represents Christianity*
First thing: I wholly condemn the murders.
Nobody can justify what those people did. Regardless of how much they disrespected Islam, our religion teaches us not to kill and that is what we must follow. The Muslim police officer Ahmed Merabet was killed defending the rights of a paper that mocked and ridiculed his religion. He is Muslim, not those murderers.
Second thing: I don’t support Charlie Hebdo in any way whatsoever.
It is a piece of shit paper. It is disrespectful and racist and Islamophobic. There’s free speech and then there’s knowingly and purposely mocking a person’s beliefs. Mock Muslims if you wish, say whatever you want about us. Say you hate our religion, that you disagree with it, that it’s this that and the other. THAT is free speech. But DO NOT create images of our prophet, something that is extremely disrespectful and forbidden. That isn’t free speech, that is hate. That is asking for a violent reaction. If you really think that’s free speech then go ahead and do it, as people will always do what they want to do, but with free speech comes criticism. I’m not condoning the murders, I’m just saying people criticize in different ways. The world is a cruel place and some people deal with shit by killing people, religious or not.
Third thing: This really isn’t an argument about free speech
As I said, some of you have twisted versions of free speech. I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but NOT if it includes hate speech of any sort. I’ve heard the same thing from specific groups of people; burn down mosques, deport all Muslims, publish the cartoons in every newspaper etc. France banned pro Palestinian protests, they banned a form of free speech. Free speech isn’t just free speech when it’s against Islam. You can’t pick and choose. So many people have suggested that all Muslims be killed and I’m just laughing to myself wondering how you plan to kill 1.6 billion people who will fight and die martyrs before they give up their religion.
Fourth thing: “People mock Jesus and Christianity all the time, we don’t get angry. It’s the 21st century, Islam needs to adapt. “
And so? Are you proud that you don’t take your religion seriously? Are you proud that you let people think they can mock your religion? We take our religion seriously, that is the whole point of it. We don’t change anything. Every answer we need is in the Quran. If there’s an issue in modern society that isn’t explicitly dealt with in the Quran we turn to hadiths, HOWEVER these are based on teachings of the Quran, and it is our duty to turn to the Quran first. The teachings of it will always be relevant. I’m not hating but you wanna call us backwards and stone age, yet our religion hasn’t changed. There’s no “old and new Quran” there’s just one Quran. So don’t tell us we need to adapt. People who kill in the name of the prophet are doing what Islam forbids, so how exactly can they call themselves Muslim? If someone did it in the name of Christianity, I highly doubt people would label every Christian as a terrorist. Fuck yo double standards man.
Fifth thing: “They’re only cartoons.”
To you, maybe. But to us, they are much more than cartoons. You will never understand just how disrespectful it is, and there’s no way I can explain it to you without giving an example to do with your own religion, an example that you will hate so much to hear that it will make your blood boil and probably want to beat me. The only example I can think of is how about we draw a cartoon that satirizes the people that were killed in Paris. Yeah let’s do that. Free speech and all.
Sixth thing: “The fact that people are killed for creating pictures of your prophet says a lot about your God. Why can’t he defend himself if he’s so powerful?”
?????????????? What even??????????????????????? It is our duty to follow our religion and to deal with everything on Earth. We live this life for the hereafter, and it is how we live in this life that determines what happens to us. THAT IS THE POINT. Let me repeat. IT IS  HOW WE DEAL WITH THINGS IN THIS LIFE THAT DETERMINES WHAT HAPPENS TO US IN THE HEREAFTER. If someone says shit about Christianity you’re not expecting Jesus to come down and blast them all in the face are you
Seventh thing: Did you know that around this time a white man had detonated a bomb outside the Colorado NAACP building?
No????????? I wonder why?????????? But if a  Muslim man had detonated a bomb outside a Synagogue or a Church ???????????????????????????????? Yo????????????????? Or if a black man had detonated a bomb outside a building of an organisation that worked for the rights of white peo- oh wait. White people don’t need such an organisation. Silly me.
The bottom line is I FULLY CONDEMN THE MURDERS. You should NOT kill people, especially in the name of a religion that forbids murder. My prayers go out to the families of anybody who was affected by the incident. However, I also condemn the actions of Charlie Hebdo just as much. That isn’t free speech, it’s insensitive and it is hate.
Islam is perfect, Muslims are not.

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