She's been running through my dreams

Question of the day: Was there some flaw in evolution where cavemen got all soft and stopped doing whatever the hell they wanted to do? (Read: I don’t believe in evolution, just making a point). If not, why do we find it so difficult to say “no”? Or why are we made to feel bad about saying “no” to people?
“You said no to him? Wow what a bitch, you were leading him on”
“You said no to her? Bro, are you gay or something?”
“You said no because you don’t feel like going? Why are such you an antisocial loser?”
“You said no????? ??? How dare you refuse to do something you don’t want to do????? You disgusting selfish human being, wow.”
I find it ridiculous how we have the freedom to do anything we want (except kill people and stuff), yet we all have our own limitations. I find myself somewhere in the middle, I like to compromise unless its something I feel strongly about. And yet I still feel bad saying “no” to some people, I’m either beating around the bush or trying to let them down gently. I just wish I could plaster a big fat “NO” on my fore fivehead whenever somebody says something I disagree with.

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