Ridiculous things I've heard this Ramadan

Except this time, they’re from Muslims.

We’re halfway through Ramadan and I can’t tell whether it’s going really fast or really slow. It’s harder, I cannot lie. I am but a shell of myself, a zombie going into work with shit skin and minimal words. I see everything 3 seconds after it actually happens.

I think I wrote something last year-ish about questions I’ve heard during Ramadan in general. I’ve grown up since then. I’m older, wiser, angrier. Very impatient. I have no time for ignorance and stupid people, and the more time I spend on twitter, watching the influx of 17-21 year olds spew their bullshit, I’m seeing more ridiculous opinions and lack of education. Lack of self-awareness. Lack of consideration. Kids these days really look for any reason to be offended – it’s like they enjoy the idea of being oppressed, they get a kick out of being controversial for no reason. I feel like an old angry lady waving her stick around at the children outside for being too loud. But in my old age and wisdom, I’ve also learnt to be much more tolerant. I know, it sounds so ironic given my impatience. But I’m more forgiving, less judgemental; I adopt more of a ‘let people be’ stance. So let people be. Except people who stay stupid things.
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Your stupid questions, answered. [Ramadan]

Can you believe we’re halfway through Ramadan? I feel like it’s been Ramadan for so long… Although most Western countries are full of Muslims who observe this month, there are still people have no idea about anything.

So today, in honour of my two year anniversary with WordPress, I’m going to answer some of the stupid questions I actually hear; The inquisitive mind is wonderful, but here are a few things you should probably not say or ask.
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I guess that no one ever really made me feel that much higher

If you were ever involved with a writer
as a friend, a partner,
an acquaintance or a lover,
and you think she’s writing about you
The truth is she probably is,
maybe she doesn’t know she’s doing it
maybe she reads over it
and sees you in it too
But the real question is
what are you doing
still reading her writing
hoping she’s writing
about you?
– k.

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Question of the day: Was there some flaw in evolution where cavemen got all soft and stopped doing whatever the hell they wanted to do? (Read: I don’t believe in evolution, just making a point). If not, why do we find it so difficult to say “no”? Or why are we made to feel bad about saying “no” to people?
“You said no to him? Wow what a bitch, you were leading him on”
“You said no to her? Bro, are you gay or something?”
“You said no because you don’t feel like going? Why are such you an antisocial loser?”
“You said no????? ??? How dare you refuse to do something you don’t want to do????? You disgusting selfish human being, wow.”
I find it ridiculous how we have the freedom to do anything we want (except kill people and stuff), yet we all have our own limitations. I find myself somewhere in the middle, I like to compromise unless its something I feel strongly about. And yet I still feel bad saying “no” to some people, I’m either beating around the bush or trying to let them down gently. I just wish I could plaster a big fat “NO” on my fore fivehead whenever somebody says something I disagree with.

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