Vending Wishes

This is probably the most unrealistic vending machine ever. But how useful would a vending machine of protection be?
I’m not talking about condoms or knives.
I mean of people.
(I did say unrealistic.)
These vending machines would be placed along quiet roads, and scattered amongst those that aren’t so quiet for when the odd person strays in this direction at night. No, you can’t stuff people inside a box BUT what if you were to push a button on the machine and immediately a person who is right for your situation appears by your side in no time? Obviously, you wouldn’t have to pay for the service, and for this there would have to be a 24 hour team of ‘protection’ for each area. It’d have to be paid for through tax, but see it as an extension of the police. Of course the police will still be there, but this is for those times where you are unsure if a situation is serious enough to be calling 999.
Its for when you feel like you’re being followed home by a strange man, push a button and soon enough a huge guy or group of women will be by your side or just on the same street, watching and ensuring you’re safe
For when you’re walking home at night and there’s a bunch of rudeboys standing on the corner of the street and its highly likely that they’ll rob you. Push a button and there will be a few people walking down the same street behind you.
This vending machine is basically for the times where nothing has actually happened for you to call for help, but to prevent anything like that happening, and to make you feel safer. You could call a friend or somebody else or not put yourself in that position in the first place, but just in case you can’t.
Unfortunately,  I don’t think pepper spray is legal in the UK and I absolutely despise how you’re not allowed to batter a man or woman to death if they try to touch you. (Expect a post about this later).
Anyway. I did say it was unrealistic.

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