I'm allergic to the outdoors

I don’t feel like posting anything intense right now as I feel extremely run down and my brain isn’t really working… so I thought I’d do something short, easy going and useless.
An explanation for the title of this post: I finally went out today and I’m ill. Probably. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to spend another day in my room? Who knows. I never go out. I mean never. Unless you count coffee shops that are 30 seconds away from my house, and I really need to suck it up if I am to watch Star Wars. The furthest I ever go, however, would be Waterstones, aka my safe haven. If I ever feel down, I go to Waterstones. If I ever want to leave my house, I go to Waterstones. If I ever feel like spending money in an actual store (as opposed to online, which is where 98% of my spending is done), I go to Waterstones. If I ever go anywhere more than 30 minutes away from my house (excluding uni), it is Waterstones. I like being around books and I like buying books (but don’t ask me how often I read the books that I buy. I have an overflowing bookshelf full of unread books). I am fully aware that there are MUCH cheaper options; I only buy a book from Waterstones if it’s no more than a couple pounds than on Amazon or somewhere, OR if it’s a special copy. Saying that, however, I am a total Waterstones fanboy. I could spend hours in there and I feel much better going to a store and buying a book than I do ordering it. Plus I have to really think about it before buying it. Amazon one-click will be the death of my bank account. Waterstones employees are great, too. Shout out to the cashier who struck up conversation about my Bateman lock screen today….let’s go.
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