Tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can't buy

This is a really quick rant that I was just having on my snapchat. It’s about money, and as you may have gathered from a previous post about money and dreams, money really pisses me off. I love having it, everyone loves having it. It feels good to buy other people gifts, to give money to charity, and of course it also feels good to treat yourself. But this one is about excessive wealth and the power that money has over some people.
When you think of Muslim countries, you might think of wealth. You might think of ‘Arab money’, fast cars, tall beautiful buildings, glitzy malls and designer everything. Or you might think of war, of the innocent children and families that are living well below the poverty line. Right now, you will probably think of the latter, but the wealthy are always there in the background, quietly being rich. You might think of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or the UAE. Or you might think of Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sudan, etc. Do you see where I’m going?
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